A word that is used daily by many, with interchangeable meanings is the word chill. Chill describes many things the weather, the mood, a type of fear, or a reaction. With so many interchangeable meanings and the weather as it has been lately here in Utah I felt this was a great fit as today’s word.

As I stated previously the weather has been chilly here at home lately, I’m reminded this every morning when I take the dog out. The brisk intake of chilled morning air alarms my lungs that I ought to return back inside the warmth as quickly as possible. This feeling though often shocking soon leaves as June and I play around in the snow enjoying the freedom of winter mornings. Winter mornings, chilly as they are my personal favorite for getting out and enjoying nature and getting some exercise to start the day out right. 10/10 would recommend.  

Another great use for the word chill is when it comes to the emotion of fear. I’ve felt the chill that comes from fear many times over the years. One memory that come to my mind are when I first saw a cougar in the wild as a young boy in central Utah. Riding with my Dad and brother down the canyon road a cougar ran past the truck and somehow in my young mind I convinced myself the lion was following us home and going to eat me. For the final twenty minutes home I was curled on the floor of the truck telling my dad to keep an eye out for that mean cougar that was going to get us.

Looking at all the varied definitions of Chill we can all agree that this word is a jack of all trades and fits many different situations. Chill right?