What is memory? Something we’ve experienced and chosen to remember? A mental photograph of the good and bad times we keep close as reminders of where we’ve been, decisions we’ve made, and a series of reminders to keep us safe as we go forward.

The actions we take today become the memories of tomorrow. What we decide to do with our days impacts the future more than we might think. Did you spend your time inside and binge netflix? Or did you spend time out doing activities with friends? Neither of these are bad decisions but each series of events will burn a different memory of that time in your life when you think back on them in the years ahead.

I can remember many times when I’ve been out with friends thinking and stating that we’ll remember these times whether  we were out skateboarding in the frigid winters of central Utah, bonfires on those summer nights that were almost far too big to be controlled, or quick trips to the big city to attend concerts and eat at CPK.

Each of us have our own versions of memories similar to the ones I’ve described. Those times shaped us and the way we see the world today. The years that we’ve spent finding our footing and venturing out on our own, experiencing the good, bad, and the ugly have allowed us the mental / muscle memory of what works for us vs what does not.

Another thought thinking back on personal memories is these are probably shaped by some form of personal bias or a single sided view. My recollection of certain events that were extremely pleasant for me could have been just another day in the life for another or a terrible experience that has haunted someone for years.

However you see a memory, warm or cold I hope they have helped you as you’ve grown.