Starting something big or small requires something inside that sparks the fire to begin doing anything, some would call this a catalyst. The thing that can motivate one to take off on an adventure around the world, start a business, or even pick up desired habits. For everyone that thing that makes us tick and move is extremely different built around values and the ideal life, we want to have.

When I think about what drives me forward and keeps me motivated thoughts of becoming stagnant repeatedly stand out as a reason to keep moving forward. One thing I’ve always been afraid of is falling behind in fitness, education, and experiences. These are three key values that keep a smile on my face and my head clear.

Fitness has always been a major part of my life because I’m always on the move and have a hard time sitting still. I’d never claim my level of fitness is anything overly impressive yet it has enabled me to spend days backpacking deep in the forest, hanging from rocks in high elevations, and cycling to new locations near and far from home.

One thing you can always find in my car, backpack, or on my mobile device is a book to keep my mind learning new things daily. I’ve found that reading stories, researching new topics, or digging into history has helped me keep interested in learning the things that interest me currently then segway into new topics that become interests in the days ahead.

Anthony Bourdain has been an example to me for some time of a well-experienced person, primarily due to his travels around the world and the ability he had to share the stories of others. For me, he was the most interesting man in the world, his ability to highlight the good, bad, and ugly from places near and far and showcase the good found in humanity all around the world.

He inspired me to see the world through better eyes and have an openness to new cultures, foods, and people. My travels have been small in comparison, but my experiences have fueled my desire to be a better friend to humanity.