I previously worked for a company who had the core value of innovation this resulted in an innovative culture that welcomed almost any new idea. This created an environment that incubated different methods to look at product design /sourcing / creation, a buyers experience on e-commerce channels and field marketing events. This also allowed us to have open discussions at how we could become a company well known for our innovative steps in our industry. After spending multiple years in an environment incubating and finding good ground to stand on I’ve found that desire to be innovative hasn’t left.

I spend heaps of time throwing ideas around to anyone who will listen to the idea then the plan for execution.  I think the second part is key to bringing any idea you have to life. There are countless ways we talk about executing; some might call it the grind, the hustle, or putting in the work.  John C. Maxwell acknowledged this with his now famous  “Dreams don’t work unless you do“. Simple statement that has inspired many to get up and work as hard as they know how to take those ideas from thought, to paper / digital, to the marathon of realization.

No one else can see your vision the way that you do, no one else will want to see the final outcome the same way you do. Your idea was hatched from something you thought the world might need. It’s exciting when you start out on your journey, your idea is fresh to you and others and you are excited to share your story. People will listen because of your enthusiasm behind your “why” and often will want to join you in your mission. Blake MyCoskie  founder of TOMS shares an experience in his book “Start Something that Matters” about a run in with a fan of his company at an airport. When he met the fan he asked about her shoes and she retold the toms story with such passion and purpose that he has never forgotten the experience to this day some years later.

In the end whatever you should decide to do don’t half-ass it, jump in and execute your plan. A friendly reminder that your plan may need to be adapted from time to time but never forget your end goal.