Often times when stepping into a conversation or situation we hear a few sentences of dialogue and begin to form our own assumptions on what’s going on and the outcome that we believe should be desired. Perhaps we feel strongly that everyone should see things from our point of view because that is the option that we feel would result in the best outcome. Unfortunately, life is not a one size fits all existence. We are seeing ever-increasing combinations of lifestyle choices some that we agree with and some that we do not.

We often are under the assumption that the way that some decide to live is not desirable and do not benefit others. I’d dare say this is a very close-minded approach at understanding how others live and decide to spend their days. As individuals, we have the opportunity to try living out different scenarios that we visualize ourselves being happiest in. Some will choose the life of a vagabond, living their days on the road experiencing the world and taking odd end jobs to fuel their travels. Others might speed through school, attaining top marks, then jumping into the corporate world climbing ladders then padding their portfolios through the years to retirement  Many will change their interests every few years and find satisfaction as they go through experiences, family, and friends.

In recent decades technology has advanced rapidly, many of us now spend significant time online liking other people’s posts; reading highlights from current events, laughing at epic fails, and commenting on others activity. While the web is filled with good news and inspiring messages it’s often a battleground for trolling others. The web has created endless opportunities for people to act one way in person and hide behind an avatar sharing frustrations in ways they normally wouldn’t in person to person interactions.

In the end, my hope is that we can be a little nicer wherever we spend our time. That we assume less that our viewpoint is the only way to see the situation, and we seek more to understand.

Link for reinforcement that there is usually more than one side(way) to any story.