If there is one thing that humans are extraordinary at, it is rushing to and fro from one appointment to another. We are constantly on the move and we show no signs of slowing down. I’ve noticed this in myself I have a list of places to be each day, a list of tasks that need to be done, and only so many hours to accomplish everything I’d like to see happen. When I fail to check off my many tasks those unchecked are rolled over to the next day and the rush starts all over again.  

Why is it that we are so invested in checking things off our list just to add a few more “to do’s” for ourselves? Have you ever thought to yourself; “I’m making life more complicated than it needs to be?” or “if only I didn’t have to do this I’d be able to…”. I’ve found myself adding errands to my day that weren’t exactly necessary, yet “might” be helpful if I did them. Many of these things are nonessentials that are often done out of the possibility of what could happen if we were to do them.

If someone asked you what you could do to slow down and take a few moments for yourself each day I’d assume that you could count a few things that you do that could be skipped this time, postponed, or just removed from your tentative “to do” list altogether. We live in an era of fast technology changes that often leave many of us a few steps behind on our day to day knowledge of how things work. That’s okay, it’s a good thing to not know everything and need to slow down and ask people for help. As silly as it might sound just asking someone a question and being willing to listen and contribute to the conversation could really help you to slow down and take a moment and breathe.