Tonight we sat down and watched one of my all-time favorite comedies, Hitch. There is a scene where the main character asks a potential date if she knows the definition of perseverance? He then responds with “Continuing a course of action without regard to discouragement, opposition or previous failure.”. Which sounds extremely well thought out to me.

The idea of setting out on a quest to achieve something big that we genuinely want is something most may have dreamt of as a child. At one time we might have dreamed of becoming an astronaut floating in space, a pirate on the seven seas seeking adventure on the open water, a firefighter or police officer saving the day. Those goals/dreams always felt attainable as a kid, because I believed I could be anything I put my mind to. As I grew and my goals changed my ambitions became smaller in ways because I lost sight of that belief that I could do anything.

This is something we need to stop doing to ourselves. We need to keep those dreams alive through the belief that even as adults we can become anything we put our minds to. Is it a bit more challenging as an adult to see and believe that you can accomplish great things? At times yes it is. However, if you pace yourself for the long run instead of a sprint you’ll be able to find greater success in reaching your goal of becoming whatever you might choose to be.

A friend of mine is currently in the process of becoming a pilot, something that she was inspired to become and has put countless hours into training for. The process has not been an easy one, she has had experiences that have tested her patience and confidence these past months Yet, she continues to study, fly, and improve at her craft as a pilot. Did she know all the details of this goal to become a pilot before she started? I doubt it. Each time we talk I hear the excitement in her voice as she talks about the next steps and the opportunities ahead for her as a pilot.

To me, this is perseverance, a journey with its ups and downs, with continued pace forward towards reaching that goal you set out to achieve in the first place.