The act of smiling can brighten your day, I’m not talking about that forced smile you used to show your mother when she said smile for the camera. I’m referring to a genuine smile because you are happy, something made your day, a joke resonated well with you brought out a laugh and the company you keep made the moment just right. Smiling is s simple way to possibly brighten someone’s day.

When I was younger I was teased by adults because I would smile all the time. In fact, I smiled so much that people had a hard time knowing what type of mood I was in. I could smile while being mischevious, which often led me to upset adults more than shenanigans should have. I smiled because I was happy with everything. I knew that life was good, that there was always a bright side to everything.

To this day smiling is one thing people remember about me. I’d like to think that people remember me because of the great conversation we had, and the moments we shared, and the plans we made. I have however been told many times that what someone remembered most was that I spent the entire conversation smiling. That’s a good thing right?

Some of my favorite interactions with new people have been conversations on airplanes, in Lyft rides, or random events I’ve been associated with. These little moments of introduction and sharing have been a great reminder to me there is good in the world wherever you might be, and with strangers, you will meet. What I know is that I have left more introductions with a grateful smile than I am able to count.

I think that’s the best part about traveling too, the smiles you see from the different faces and places around the world. Some of the biggest smiles I’ve seen have been in places far from home from people who live in difficult circumstances and can smile because “life is good, and you should smile even if you are missing a few teeth!”