We’ve all seen the signs that scream “Life is an adventure!” or “Adventure is out there!”. These statements are meant to inspire and encourage the reader to jump up and start living our lives. To explore new places, meet new faces, and truly experience the word.  Many of us can agree life is best lived when we experience it fully.

I’ve been one of these people who has been influenced by the idea that life needs to be lived exploring the farthest reaches of the world. I’ve been fortunate to spend time where the Incan empire once thrived, where the Mayan civilization welcomed traders along their Caribbean coast, and around southeast Asia, with, the friendliest people I’ve met. No matter where I have been able to visit I’ve always felt happiest meeting the local people and sharing good conversations, food, and smiles.

Many of us have been fortunate to have the means to travel and see the places that have inspired and fueled our thirst for adventure. We’ve been welcomed into communities to tour, teach, and serve without fear. These people who have welcomed us into their lives have added new opportunities to experience life through new eyes, that have a better understanding than they did before we stepped into the lives of these people.

Many of my fondest experiences traveling have been the ones I never thought were in the cards for me. As a 17 year old I traveled to Peru with my grandparents and a few cousins. We were headed there to spend a few weeks cleaning up after a terrible earthquake that happened in the city of Pisco. While we were there in this city that had recently been torn apart I learned what true happiness is for much of the world.

A meal to share with those you love, stories to cheer you up after a hard day, and a belief that tomorrow would be a great day. The more I have traveled and the more I have experienced the more I understand that these are essential to a good life and better adventures.