Today has felt like a hundred years, my body has been tired today as has my mind. Along with those forms of exhaustion comes the lack of understanding, humor, and patience throughout the day when working through certain situations.  The feeling of being irritable and knowing that others see your impatience in different situations is also frustrating for the person who is exhausted. These are days we the tired spend reminding ourselves that a little extra patience today will work out in our favor if we can remind ourselves to exercise said patience.

Starting out today I woke up and looked at the four things I really needed to accomplish today, yes just four things for the whole day. Here’s my list:

  • Spend time outdoors with my dog. Try going to lake mountain and just exploring some new trails.
  • Return the Redbox film from last night.
  • Clean up my kitchen and finish unpacking.
  • Attend family dinner at six pm.

That was my checklist for the entire day. I didn’t want to do anything besides the time with my dog outdoors, and because I didn’t want a second fee of $1.75, return the film to Redbox. Sounds like I had a rough day with just four things on my list for the day, I should have felt eager to finish them all. I was not.

I woke up burned out from a busy week of moving into a new house, cleaning, unpacking, and recleaning said new house. I worked my regular hours at work, worked on my side projects, keeping myself busier than I needed to. It’s no one else’s fault but my own that I am tired today, and this isn’t my platform for spewing complaints into cyberspace. This is, however, a reminder that we are busier than we think because we keep ourselves moving as fast as we can. We need to remember to slow down and have days where we recharge our minds and bodies to reinvest in our preparation for the days ahead.

Having days like these shouldn’t be frowned upon, nor skipped. We spend countless hours on the move meeting with people in person, over video, and communicating through endless forms of digital communication. This constant connection to information can definitely take a toll if not monitored.

For your own well being, I recommend taking 5-10 minutes a day and disconnecting from screens. Take a walk, read a book, or close your eyes and focus on your breathing. This isn’t a cure-all method to avoid exhaustion or burnout but, this is a way to take a little time and recharge/reset yourself and find a few minutes of relaxation each day.