As a young person, many of us will hear the statement you’d hate to miss out on an opportunity like that or you’ll regret it if you don’t take the chance on this. Of course, there will be hundreds of missed opportunities over a lifetime because we took different paths and chose the opportunities that made the most sense to us at that time. Looking back on life you can say one of two things, I wish I had done_____ or I chose to do _____.

Each of these is vastly different from the other. One references a life lived unsure of one’s decisions and footing, the other references confidence in the steps you took along the process and the experiences that were never second-guessed. Many unwittingly live life in fear of choices they could make that might affect them in a negative way. These people are generally not unhappy folk. However, many are those who spend their days wondering “What if” instead of “What’s next” and enjoying full fearless lives.

Few people live a full life filled with steps that find solid ground and don’t spend their days looking back on what might have been. Choices are made and forward motion is taken towards a loose or firm goal in sight. While others might not understand the madness behind your choices but that doesn’t matter so much. In the end, few can look back and say I made it through the thick and thin and here I am filled with experiences I do not regret.

Today’s the day to seize the opportunity of a lifetime. Book that trip you’ve always wanted to, begin to study the topic your passionate about, stop worrying about what others might think if you jump on a bike and cycle 3,000 miles for personal growth. Take ownership of your future by evaluating your options today and truly believe in you. It’s not always easy but it’s a great way to start, perhaps even the first step on your journey of a thousand miles.