One thing I know for certain is that one day I will die, I am very aware of my own mortality. I know that this sounds a morbid sentence to begin a short essay with but it’s something that we all are aware of. A simple reason to bring this up is I believe that we need to live each day as if it were our last. Our days can be spent doing things that we enjoy doing that will benefit ourselves and the lives of others, please don’t waste your hours doing things that you’ll wish you hadn’t.

Now that the heavy stuff is out of the way here are a few creative ways to live each day as if it were the best last day you will have.

  • Smile more for no other reason than you are happy to be where you are at that moment. There is a real satisfaction that comes with being happy at the moment and being grateful for the company you are with.
  • Try something new today that you’ve always wanted to. If you don’t do it today the opportunity to try the something you’ve been wanting to do might not happen again. If you’ve always wanted to skip around your office for the hell of it do it, If you’ve wanted to take up improv join a group and test out your skills, if you’ve ever wanted to say something you’re afraid to say to someone you need to catch up with say it(tactfully). Just don’t miss out on trying new things today.
  • Have a karaoke session in your car to all your favorite songs. Don’t miss out on those high school hits you sometimes hum while thinking back on the old days. Press play and start singing. If you are by yourself that’s great if you’re with a friend or two that’s even better!  Don’t be shy, just belt out those show tunes!
  • Keep your area clean, cleanliness creates happiness and happiness makes the world a better place. At work, home, your car, or the great outdoors do your part by keeping places clean and taking the initiative to do so keeps you active and thus happier.

In the end yes this is serious, you don’t know how many days you have left, but make those days count. The list above is just simple ways that you can enjoy life more and live each day as the best day ever. Don’t spend your days living in FOMO, live a life that never misses an opportunity.