We are afraid of these, mistakes. This has become a word that is despised and even frowned upon because so many of us look at perfection and excellence as the ultimate goal. Mistakes are challenging, of course, they can throw off entire projects, ruin relationships, and could even flatline a career. However, some mistakes can help a person change course to a better happier life.

Many people are well known and self-identified perfectionists if something they do doesn’t go as planned or per the status quo, they have a hard time making sense of what to do. Some will avoid the activity altogether in the future out of fear of messing up or embarrassing themselves. What more people need to remember is that it is okay to make mistakes. The biggest reason it is okay to make mistakes is that the more mistakes you make the more educated you can become in a subject or task. Remember becoming a true expert in a subject means you are well acquainted with the failures as much as you are with the successes.

Is it easy to fail? Not at all. Is it easy to see the growth opportunities when we fail? Nope! Then why should we be willing to mess up, fail, or make a mistake? Because this allows us to see more than one side of the situation we may be faced with. How can you relate to someone who falls just short of their goal if you’ve never fallen yourself? How can you help list another when they are devastated after spilling ketchup on their shirt right before the big meeting if you’ve never spilled something on yourself before a big moment yourself?

The list is endless because the opportunities to mess up are endless, mistakes happen more than we realize and often the mistake goes unknown to others because we aren’t looking for peoples weaknesses we are looking at their strengths. Remember, Making a mistake should be looked at as an opportunity for growth rather than a reason to look down on ourselves.

So get up and start doing things, try new things, learn what works and what doesn’t and see where that gets you.