When you ask my wife what she is most afraid of you’ll hear a number of assorted fears, with a strong emphasis in mice. She hates them enough that I haven’t the words to describe her hate and fear of them. She fears them enough the basic instincts of fight or flight kick in, and she usually aims for the latter. In fact, we are not sleeping at home tonight because of said fear, after seeing a mouse in the house earlier.

I believe there are many out there who can relate to my wife. We all fear one thing or another, at times our fears can cripple us, at other times they can strengthen us and aide us in doing what needs to be done at that time. Please note that I believe that it is okay to be afraid, fear is something I’ve worked through on a very personal level and I recognize that we all view the world from different views.

Many of us can agree that fear is good in a healthy dose, fear of getting a ticket while speeding, or fear of falling while climbing a tree isn’t a bad thing. Finding a balance between adrenaline and fear is a smart balance to find. Not letting fear run your life is the best way to live in peace with what can / could happen any given day. We live a life filled with unknowns, the best thing we can decide is that we will not be afraid of what is coming only to embrace it as it arrives.

I recently read a book by Alex Honold called “Alone on the wall.” where he talks about his mental preparation for some of his larger climbs that have made him famous for being a rock climber who free solos large pitches or climbs on some of the most challenging climbs in the world. He mentions that he can practice the moves needed(while roped in) hundreds of times before the actual climb(without a rope) but still is aware that things might not always go as planned, he has to be mentally ready to shake off the fear and climb onward without fearing what could go wrong. He is well aware of what could go wrong but chooses to focus his energy on what he can do to prepare for things to go the way he needs them to.

This should be a general rule of thumb for everyday life, learning from our experiences and letting them strengthen us for the unknown days ahead instead of spending our days fearing what could go wrong. Be aware that your options are many the outcomes are endless. So find a healthy balance and don’t be afraid to live your very best life.