The ocean air blew through my hair that afternoon while I watched the birds fly above me and the waves crash on the cliffside below. I closed my eyes and relied on my senses of hearing, smell, and touch to fully experience that moment just off highway 101 near Aberdeen, WA in 2016. Those moments of simply being in the most relaxed state I had been in months. Simply taking that time to relax and be in that moment healed me for a time.

This was a segway into me being able to recognize that I needed to find a better life balance. Being able to take time to relax was one thing I needed to do. If you are like me you can be a very on the go type of person trying to juggle work, social life, personal life goals and relationships, and so much more.

While we spend so much time juggling these different pieces of us we often fail to take the time to relax, recharge and reset. I’ve mentioned this previously in other posts but I feel that getting time to relax is honestly something more people need to do so they can avoid burnout.

As referenced earlier I have found that taking a few minutes in nature helps me to reset and reassess life. I’ve fallen in love with the outdoors and the open space that is often free of unneeded clutter and seems to have a way to untangle the conflicts of my busy life. I am fortunate to live within minutes of open spaces and the ability to get out and wander my way to physical exercise and mental relaxation. Getting outdoors is a simple way to relax and breathe a bit easier.

There are endless ways to relax, getting outdoors is just my favorite way to do so. Other ways I have found to relax include, reading a book, playing games with friends, cooking dinner, eating dinner, walking around the office at work on a break, and many more. These are my ways to relax, not a comprehensive list, but one I hope makes you look into what is relaxing for you.

If you’re not sure how to relax, just take some time and sit on a park bench and look at your surroundings, focus on experiencing the moment with your basic senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. See where you go from there.