Perspective controls everything in life, it guides us along the world and helps us as we experience what is happening all around us. Where would we be without seeing the good in life? Where would we be without seeing the bad? The way we view the world is enabling or hindering all depending on where you stand and the way that you view things.

Just today I was out doing some shopping at a local store, as per usual there were others roaming the store seeking out needs and wants. There were a mother and child wandering the same aisles as and I was speaking a mix of Spanglish to one another as they walked around. I speak very little Spanish, but I stopped and looked at an item and the child came up to me and exclaimed, “¿Un brazo?”. I smiled and replied si, un brazo, and quickly saw a concerned mother kneel next to her child and began talking.

She then looked at me then asked if she could explain to her child why I was missing an arm. She then proceeded to talk with her child for about a minute or so, stood up, smiled and turned away. The child looked up at me and smiled then stated, “Some of the best people in the world are missing parts.”, then turned and followed their mother. For me, that was a very cool experience, as 99 percent of the time if a child mentions my missing arm I hear an embarrassed hiss and see parents turning their child away often scolding them as they go.

Thinking about that often makes me sad that there are parents who are afraid to let their children be children and ask questions. Children are born with a knack of being able to point out the obvious and verbalize their concern with or gap in what they know about something. If a child is reprimanded for being curious about someone or something different won’t it close off their curiosity of said difference? Will it become something they begin to shy away from? Will it change their perception of those who are different than they are?

I appreciated that mother and child at the store today because they didn’t shy away from an opportunity to teach/learn but they embraced the differences each of us has and learned that differences are ok. They also reminded me that, “Some of the best people in the world are missing parts.”.