Change can be a hard thing to adapt to, what was now isn’t, and life may seem a bit off balance until new becomes normal. Most of us are in a state on constant change, where technology, shifts in culture, and lifestyle choices are never the same for very long. A strong skill that many of us have naturally learned and flowed with is the ability to be adaptable in times of change.

The attitude of adaption is an internal understanding that although what is around us might change, we find the best way to look at the situation and change our routines to enable us to move forward with limited frustrations. Being able to adapt to new things easily isn’t always sunshine and no challenges, being adaptable means you understand what is happening and you work through it. The process you take may be externally noticeable to others via verbalizing your frustrations. For some, this may be an internal frustration that can affect your attitude, keep you distracted, or result in unprecedented rebellion against the change at hand. Some might even experience a mixture of the two, outspoken frustration with behaviors that might not be complementary to adaption in the situation.

Some live with day to day adaptions that become more natural after extended periods of adaptation to a process or event. Learning to be adaptable is a challenging experience that can be a frustrating one, I personally have had to learn to adapt to many different things for day to day living. When I was young I wanted to be just like everyone else doing everything the “normal” way that I saw in everyday life. I tried and failed hundreds of times to do things the way that I was told by others yet failure was never far away. My loving mother never gave up on me learning to do things in my own way, she encouraged me to always have my own way of doing things. I slowly but surely added a bit of my own flair to day to day tasks, still fumbling as I went yet excited to accomplish many new things I was learning.

I was raised with an attitude of adaption. My parents knew that the world will never be a place that would fully adapt to people like myself, I needed to understand how to adapt everyday tasks without fear of failure, and an aptitude of being positive with any challenge that I was faced with. These challenges have always been my choice to accept the challenge and learn or decline the opportunity to grow, its always been up to me.

We are the masters of our own ability to adapt to change and new experiences. Being uncomfortable is a good thing while learning, it helps us grow and reach for the best method to use from that moment on. Being willing to adapt isn’t a cakewalk, but accepting that adapting with a good attitude will make life an easier journey than avoiding the natural change that comes our way.