There are moments when the light turns on and our thoughts share true moments of creativity with us. When we remember all those great ideas we thought of in the shower and you write, verbalize, or doodle out ideas that could change your world for the better. Perhaps I’m not alone in experiencing these moments of creative madness that result in wild eyes and new possibilities.

Creativity is something we all share in one way or another, for some the creativity is small and well thought out over an extended period before showing itself to the world.  For others, everything about them screams, “I AM CREATIVE.”. They wear creativity as an emblem on their shirt, often they are not afraid to share their expression through fashion, art in any form, or the modern approach to creating social media.

A past time of many these days might be shuffling through their friends Instagram stories and pages seeing their expressions of self publicly shared for the masses to see. I love seeing what people are trying out when they post, some of my favorites include short stories with words and giphy images attached as storytelling enhancers. The best part of these videos or images is the unknown of what you’re going to swipe to next.

Just the other day I watched a video of a friends afternoon fishing, it was a bad day of fishing and a great day of storytelling. My friend posted five videos from his escapade standing on the side of the river casting his line into his favorite fishing spot, he attached a few fish stickers / giphy’s in hope that today would be a day of catching fish. Thirty minutes later another video of a still stoked friend switching spots with a snow beard and recounting his failed casts for fish. Another twenty minutes a less stoked friend describing his love/hate relationship with fishing followed by a video of his catch of the day, a stick with some moss.

Finally a recap of the day that included successes and failures in fishing, along with some dialogue on how fishing is an act of love and patience similar to relationships. I laughed at the creativity of my friend and his ability to share an afternoon of fishless casting and humorous recaps of the bright side of a bad day of fishing.

In the end, let your creativity flow without fear. Share your ideas and own the good that comes from them.