As today is Valentines day I figured I could write a short segment about love. Whether you have a special someone, or are spending the day / evening surrounded by a group of those you care about you know the feeling of love, and being loved. Love can be many things, its different for everyone and is shared differently from person to person a look into the different ways we experience love.

Love is many things, shared differently from each of us. We can show love through actions, the little things we do everyday for those we care about. It could be making the bed after your partner has left it, sharing a meal with friends at a favorite restaurant or making cheese quesadillas at home while playing games, watching a movie, or just talking. Love can be listening when someone needs it most, or having ears to listen when you need them. Love can be silence, time spent in an embrace after another’s world has been shattered. When the weight of life buries words so that just being there makes everything better.

Love can be forgiveness, forgiveness for poor behavior, dangerous words, and failure. We can forgive those we love and keep them close and continue to grow, we can forgive those we love and let them go and continue to grow too. Just because you can forgive those you love for their many wrongdoings doesn’t mean you need to stay close with them. Remember loving others is important, but being able to love and forgive yourself is the most important thing you should do first before you do the same for others. If there are people you love who cause you to question the love you have for yourself don’t allow them to lead you to doubting your self image, love, and value.

Today, love those you spend time with. Love your family, love your friends and above all love yourself. Happy Valentines day.