Thank You.

A word we often hear but don’t register the true value of in our day to day lives. Being someone who uses “Thank You” on a regular basis promotes an attitude of gratitude(betcha didn’t see that rhyme coming), and a healthier outlook on life. Being able to express thanks to those who help you see that the little things others do for you add up in a big way. Regular expressions of “Thank You” impact others in ways that become vital to their success individually and professionally.

Think about the places you visit on a regular basis the gym, a coffee shop, a local cafe, the local food market, or maybe your doggy daycare. Each day you interact with folks who work hard to improve your experience at those places. They may make small talk with you while you checkout and pay for your items, they may be stocking shelves with your favorite foods, they may be sweeping the floor or clearing the tables near you. Many of these tasks are often overlooked as we hurry to get our wants and needs fulfilled.

These people often won’t receive any thanks for the work they do. This is why it is so valuable to be the passerby who initiates the small talk and departs with a simple thank you. These are noticed, and they improve the day of the receiver and will increase the likelihood that you’ll have increased positive experiences the next time you are a patron of said location.

We never know what others feel about the work they are doing, by adding a simple thank you can make a big difference in the way someone might see the work that they are doing.  Whether they are a co worker, spouse, employee, or an employee somewhere you stop by, expressing gratitude for the little things creates a better experience for everyone.

Think about it, don’t you like hearing a little “Thank You” for the work you do?