As a young boy, I had an imagination that could run wild for hours on end. I could see myself running with the bulls, fighting battles with knights, or running away from a pack of outraged locals alongside Indiana Jones in Latin America. If I read, watched, or heard about it I could imagine myself being apart of the experience that was being shared. Imagination was my friend that took me around the world in a few minutes helping me experience an amazing childhood of adventure.

Adding friends to these adventures allowed the worlds we ran through to expand and grow. The storylines grew and our adventures ended up having more ridiculous layers and endings. Those hours spent running through the hills above the farm, climbing the haystacks, and trotting around the river bottoms made for warm memories of a childhood spent with friends.

Life today is busy, we are on the go, and people are linked to their screens no matter where they go. We’ve become a culture that uses our thumbs to steer us through worlds designed by others. We escape into these digital worlds for hours on end and spend less time interacting with the real world around us.

We are all guilty of being distracted by screens, letting the screens control our minds and shutting out our imaginations. Our minds need time outside, time to wander and think about the world around us, time to imagine. Life is best lived in the moments where there is fresh air readily available and our mind freely experiencing the world around us. Putting the screens away and living offline allows for a life lived in real time, not staring at photos from last Friday night or throwback pictures from your favorite nostalgic moments from 90’s sitcoms.

Live life today, spend a little time letting your imagination wander, and spend a little less time looking at your screen.