We hear it left and right the worlds biggest influencer that is updating and sharing stories non stop the news. It’s always updating us on what went wrong today, who was hurt, who is on trial, and sometimes what good is happening in the world. The news fulfills our desires to be informed then keeps updating its stories and drawing us back in for more. The news can be used for sharing good deeds but is often used to sway public opinion towards one viewpoint or another. Often this results in varied opinions about what is happening around us and where we stand on different sides on an occurrence.

We listen to the various stories adding our personal bias and joining with the side of a story that fits our bias best. You can look up one photo of a current event and find stories told from five different angles and a hundred different photographed points of view. Newsagencies know that to attain and keep readers they need to tell a story with passion, a few facts, and a small cliffhanger of what could be happening next. This cliffhanger often keeps readers, listeners, and watchers interested and interacting with the story as told by their favorite agency and building their opinions often based on one-sided research.

What the real challenge today is admitting that our biases cause us to stand in one section of thought or another. It is a rare case when someone can stand evenly between two or more schools of thought and belief and say they either understand, can relate, or would like to learn more about an another’s train of thought on a controversial subject without subjecting their own bias into the conversation. We often join with like-minded people in order to hear thoughts and ideas that match our own and validate our thoughts and feelings.

We struggle to join in friendly conversations or debates about politics, policy, and beliefs at times because we are inclined to be invested emotionally into these topics and it’s uncomfortable to have our beliefs challenged by others. These conversations can be uncomfortable but are well worth the investment of our time if we are willing to listen, speak clearly with confidence, and accept that others may not see our values as their own.

Listening to the news is a great way to become informed and to be aware of current events that are happening around the world. Just try and listen to multiple news sources to see the story from more than one biased angle.