The sounds of summer, memories from the best days with friends or on the open road. From love to heartbreak, happiness to depression, and obedience to rebellion. Music can have a major part in the lives of those who will listen for the meaning behind the music, or catch themselves in the moment when the music that is being played. This can happen at any time of day and in any mood, music is always accessible wherever we are.

As teenager music was a major part of my life, it kept me sane in my small town and connected me to others around the world who listened to the same music I did. I was a teenager in the years of myspace when everyone had a profile, with a picture taken with a pixelated camera at a strange angle. There was a profile song/playlist that would autoplay once dial-up internet had finally finished downloading the entire webpage and the only way to silence the sone was to either locate the music widget within the layers of stickers and terrible design or mute your speakers for a few minutes.

The music I found in myspace shaped my teenage years, good years filled with hours of music. I’d never say that all the music was bad, but I’d never say that the music was good either. Now that I’m older I still listen to some music created by those myspace artists, however, my musical tastes have changed, varied, and improved. Music is still an important part of my life, I use it for working out, when I’m driving, or when I’m needing a pick me up on a down day.

Music allows us to escape and heal at times when life is heavy and we need a few minutes of well-written words mixed with relative music that lifts our spirits and makes life a bit better.