I don’t want to grow old. I’ll admit it to anyone who asks, I’m afraid of what happens to our bodies as we age. I’m afraid of forgetting the things that I love most, the memories with my loved ones, and memories from my favorite places. I’m afraid of falling and not getting back up without a semi-major injury, I’m afraid to lose the ability to walk. I guess you’ve figured it out I’m afraid to grow old.

Age is one thing that will constantly be with us, it starts the moment we are born and ends the moment we die. For the entire time we are alive people batch us into groups based on our age then share age-appropriate information with us as the general consensus sees fit. People never really know what they are doing as they age, because of the world around us is constantly changing and we are always playing a game of catch up. Never quite knowing everything that is happening around us leaves us perpetually behind.

Getting older is great for a few reasons such as getting a drivers license, becoming old enough to have a few drinks with friends, and most importantly renting a car when you travel.  These are little things that “just happen” as you age along with other things like buying a car of your own, buying a house, getting a spouse, and many more. Not everything about growing older scares me, just the unsavory parts that happen as your body falls apart.

I know that growing old isn’t bad for everyone and happens differently for everyone. Some people live nearly unphased by aging well into their seventies, others age a bit faster. I do not know how I will age, but I do know it scares me to lose family, friends, and pets to the fiend we all know as time.

Like I said before, I don’t want to grow old.