Old: Addition.

The other day I wrote about growing old and how I’m afraid to grow old because of all the things I love about life will come to a close. I felt fairly confident about my writing that night because of the book I was listening to at the time was heavily influencing how I felt while writing and thinking about aging. Listening to the secret diary of Hendrik Groen was a great way to see what life will become, the ups and the downs of aging, making friends in your older years, and understanding the death that comes to us all.

I was feeling extremely down about it all, not overly optimistic as I usually tend to feel about life. You might even say that I was wondering what my future holds when I’m reaching my sunset years, I’m afraid of the crooked man I could become. A friend reached out to me and reminded me that growing old holds more than just falling apart and expiring when it is your time. Aging includes two additional parts that had slipped my mind whilst writing, How much you’ve learned over a lifetime and how your perspective will shift about what’s important and what isn’t as important as we thought it would be. My friends feedback inspired me to add this addition to my post from Thursday, March 7th.

Thinking about how much you’ve learned when you’re older will be quite the look back on life. Knowing where we have come from and the seasons of life we have lived through will be quite the look at semi-modern history. I personally will have lived through the 9/11 attacks, the war on terrorism that has spread from Afganistan, Iraq, and Syria. I’ve experienced the first African American president in the  United States, the rise of the internet and many more things that are yet to shape the world we will live in when I am older.

I’ll have experienced many phases of education, marriage, employment, home ownership, and recessions of the economy. Life will have had plenty of lessons learned that will have shaped my world viewpoint at that time.

Once I’m there my life perspective will be a bit different than it is now. I might finally see my glass as full or overfilling with everything I’ve lived through that I may finally want to sit down and rest for a bit. What is important to me in the future might differ slightly than it what is important to me now but I hope that I still value relationships with friends and family, good food, and a few adventures that may need to happen in an electric scooter. I hope that what is important has changed a little too, I hope by the time I’m older I spend less time trying to impress others with what I hope they want to see and hear and more time speaking my truth. I hope that part of growing old arrives sooner than back troubles and aalzheimers.