It’s been a solid week of work and fun where life has moved forward and improved for the better. I have started waking up earlier just before five am to make it to work by six am. That has been a change which I’ve wanted for some time and has had a change on life in general. This change has allowed me to be homer an extra day during the week, and more time adventuring with my wife and dog. Pretty good work life balance I’d say.

Today while my dog and I were out on a hike near my parents house and we saw eight eagles, two hawks, and one rabbit. One of the eagles we saw was having a battle with the two hawks, not sure what their disagreement was over but I was amazed at how their disagreement played out. At first the two hawks dived at the eagle a few times until the eagle took flight and began to fight back. Once the eagle was airborne one hawk would dive in front and the second would hit the eagles back. It was a strange experience that ended in watching a defeated eagle land on a near hill and the two hawks perching where they chased the eagle from.

Something that I’ve always enjoyed about my time in the outdoors is watching animals interact with one another. I was raised interacting with animals almost daily, we had cows living less than one hundred yards from our house and that influenced my enjoyment of watching animals interact. Animals interacting together have a surprising amount of personality that surprise most people. If you have a pet or spend enough time watching animals you’ll see how they are similar to us with their different quirks and preferences. It’s a cool thing to see.

Jumbled thoughts from a stumped mind.