This past weekend I went home for about twenty-four hours and visited my family. It was a quick visit and one that was needed, nothing recharges my battery more than a quick trip home to the farm and the town just west of it. I grew up in a small farming community in central Utah that hasn’t changed much over the past few decades. It retains the same feeling for me when I think about it, Home.

I’d never say that my hometown is perfect it’s been riddled with its fair share of trouble and controversy over the years but who’s hometown doesn’t have its own quirks and problems. This is the place where I experienced many firsts and many lasts, where I learned not to steal, and the value of a reputation. This is the community that could come together in the blink of an eye when tragedy struck, and one that will pull out the fire trucks to welcome state champion athletes back into town anytime day or night.  A community surrounded by folks who were always willing to lend one another a hand as needed.

A wonderful place to have been raised and taught how to do so many things at different times growing up I was a pizza maker, grocery bagger, shelf re-stocker, assistant to youth with disabilities, a farmer, a rancher, and best of all a teenager. Living in our small community was a challenge at times too, I was thirty minutes from the nearest TacoBell, Mcdonald’s, and Walmart. An hour from the nearest mall, two hours from the nearest airport, and another hour from the nearest ski resort.

When we were bored we had to decide what to do, we usually ended creating our own fun skating around town, running around the foothills, or getting together at a friends house for movies and games. If we had a bit of extra pocket money and permission we’d jump into a car and head to Walmart or the mall just to stroll around and look for more fun to be had. If we couldn’t keep ourselves busy someone always knew work that needed to be done at someone’s house or farm so work was another alternative. What a place to be a teenager.

I love my hometown. It’s quiet, you can see the stars, the mountains aren’t that far away, and people are generally nice to each other. I loved being raised in the middle of nowhere and love driving there to this day. I love knowing the people I do and the impact they had on my life, because of the size of our community you got to know so many people and often had the opportunity to learn from them if you took the chance.

My hometown rocks.