I have strange hair that has multiple cowlicks and tends to act how it wants. When people have cut my hair in the past they have mentioned how challenging my hair was to cut for them. Four years ago I walked into Ray’s Barber Shop in Salt Lake City and had my haircut by my current barber, that haircut has turned into four years of haircuts and friendship.

When I originally selected my barber I asked around the office I was working at to be recommended to the downtown location for Ray’s Barbershop. I jumped online and booked an appointment with a barber with good ratings and drove downtown. My first experience set the bar high with good conversation, good laughs, and a great haircut. After that, I started stopping in monthly and became a regular customer and have since followed my barber to his new shop the Bureau Barber + Shop and continue going in monthly for a fresh cut.

What makes a good barber in my opinion? Someone who can provide a quality experience that isn’t just a haircut. A quality haircut is obviously a key component to the real experience during and after a visit to your barber. The ability to suggest a type of haircut that is stylish and fitting to ones face is a huge benefit to having a barber who knows you as a customer. Finding the right barber and sticking with them pays off as familiarity with the canvas creates better work and consistent quality of good haircuts.  

Another thing is the quality of conversation and the ability to keep conversations flowing without many if any awkward moments. I enjoy sitting down and having a great conversation with my barber, we keep up on the little things family, hobbies, sports, history topics, and much more as we talk monthly. It creates a friendship that isn’t just a exchange of haircut for money, it creates a quality experience that is worth repeating monthly.

If you have hair on your head that needs to be groomed and managed by skilled hands take the time to find someone who can help you manage it. Not just manage it but keep it looking sharp so that you look your best wherever you go.