Life is filled with adjustments, adjusting the seat on your car, the temperature in your house, the holes in your belt, and many more. Adjusting is something we simply have to do. Making these adjustments can be a real challenge as we adapt to the change around us. Becoming comfortable with adjustments can take some time but once we find our flow we are good to go.

Recently at work, there have been a few adjustments that have raised a red flag at many of my colleagues. The changes have annoyed and upset so many because we have been a department that has worked in a specialized area for so long and some feel that specialization is being overlooked and their skillset downplayed. It’s hard to see these changes made and so many people struggle with the new adjustments.

We know that these changes could be a defining change for our company. That applying our catalog of skills could benefit the business and be a catalyst for new growth at our place of work. What we often fail to see is the bigger picture that others see for the overall growth opportunity for the firm. Any business that expects to grow has to make these changes from time to time, these adjustments can be painful at first but if implemented and actioned correctly can spur a net positive growth opportunity.

Employee satisfaction is a great asset to any company, companies often understand that changes can affect employee satisfaction. These changes that companies change can often change an employees outlook on how they view their position at work. Employees need to be better at seeing the bigger picture that their employer has, and being understanding that changes that are made and designed to build a bigger better company.

Random thoughts on adjusting to change as an employee and why an employer adjusts positions and responsibilities to spur new growth.