Another brain fart has happened. I genuinely am drawing a blank tonight. I have thought about writing about tools, milk, next, and many other options. I wrote a sentence or two then my thoughts just sunk into the depths of nothingness. I attempted to think of what might come next on the writing process and nothing would come to mind. I tried to be a little creative and write up a fable and that fell flat.

So here we are again, your writer has a bad case of writer’s block and you are possibly wondering why am I reading these rambled thoughts again. It’s always a challenge to spew out creative thoughts that might be impactful to someone’s life. I guess a few thoughts on that might go back to my original ideas on what to write about.

Milk has always been used as an idea of comfort in some way. Whether it was turned into ice cream or some other delicacy that has eased the mind of someone having a challenging day. Milk is just an ingredient that can be added to many things to make life better if you are lactose tolerant that is.

Tools are fantastic assets to any task that we might be faced with. Sometimes when we are utilizing our skills to be a better friend we might pull out different skills at different times when we are attempting to be the best friend that we can be for others. Knowing what to do and how to act at different times is a great asset to any friendship.

What’s next? Better days for all who seek to be a better friend, to comfort those we love when they need us, and being the best asset to society w can be through small random acts of kindness.