What do you see when you look into your future? Happiness, adventure, mastering new skills, visiting new places, or financial success? Any of these sound great to me personally, some of them I see for myself and have a plan of action to reach them one day. No matter what aspirations you have to remember to keep your eyes on the prize and turn your thoughts into action.

I’ve been thinking about this heaps lately as I have started to ramp up my small business and start seeing the results I have envisioned for so long.  I’ve finally realized It requires more than just an idea and some skills that I rarely use. It’s required extreme focus as I’ve worked to create various listings including taking great photos that will attract the eye. It’s a challenge to keep believing that sales will come if I put in the work, and it has begun to happen.

Sales have started to trickle in little by little and reviews are making a difference for future sales. I am excited to start working harder towards my goal of having over 1,000 listings to sell online. It feels very rewarding seeing everything take shape and this is only the beginning of the marathon I hope to run in my various business ventures.

I’ve known what I wanted for some time, it’s just taken me many small steps to find my stride and get going in the right direction towards the goals I’ve envisioned myself reaching for. The steps before these have been prepping me for the steps ahead. I do not know what the future has in store as I set out but I expect there to be challenges and I welcome them to the race. Hope those challenges can keep up the pace or better yet stay in stride for a few steps then fall behind.

I know what I want and I have a vision, lets go!