Today I have felt much more tired than I have felt in months, I didn’t sleep well last night. I tossed and turned all night eagerly anticipating my 4:50 am alarm wanting to be sure I was up on time to make work by 6:00 am. Usually, before I fall to sleep I tell myself three times to wake up before my first alarm then drift to sleep. Last night was the same routine as usual until 1:30 am.

Around 1:30 am I woke up and thought I was an hour late for work, jumped out of bed and began my morning routine getting ready for the day. I was up for about five minutes before looking at my phone more clearly and realized it was still three hours left to sleep then jumped back into bed for a few more hours of needed sleep. I then woke up every forty-five minutes until my alarm reminded me to wake up for the day at 4:50 am. Off to work, I went, groggy but ready for the day.

Once I was at work working everything seemed fine I was ready to work to accomplish tasks efficiently and effectively.  Things went smoothly until around noon then I hit a wall and my mind was ready to sleep. I was able to push through my shift without much change to my work aside from a few extra yawns and stretches to stay awake.

Due to being as tired as I was I felt disconnected from my usual self and uninterested in my regular interests. It was a strange day where I almost felt like I was watching myself from the sidelines. I see that I need to be better relaxed before bed and sleep better to ensure that days like this don’t happen as often in the future. New goal, sleep better and sleep an extra hour so that I get up to 6 hours of sleep a night.