Tonight I made tacos, not just any tacos but tacos al pastor. Some of my favorite tacos to eat and some of the most enjoyable to make at home. Is this post going to be a recipe so you can make these at home? Na, you have to find your own, but I recommend making them at home! However, this is a short write up of why it takes multiple ingredients to create a meal filled with flavor and can be eaten with full satisfaction.

Let’s be honest taking time to cook is a hassle for many of us. Who has the time to plan out a meal, shop for the ingredients, prep said ingredients, then cook the meal. That can take up to an hour or more and hunger often overpowers our will and we give in to eating elsewhere where we only show up eat and pay. Cooking at home isn’t something I hear that many people do anymore.

Convenience is key when it comes to eating and the way that we treat eating shows it. Fast food that is easy to consume on the go is all the rage for our fast lifestyles. People eat in their cars more than they eat in their homes, which says a lot about how we live our lives often rushing from one place to another and feeding our cravings belted into moving vehicles. We need to put more thought into how we eat.

Tonight was a fun reminder of how twenty minutes of food preparation, four hours of marinating meat, and ninety minutes on the oven create a meal worth sharing with others. So next time your stomach growls for a meal put a little more thought into what you are going to make and a little less time thinking about where the nearest place to swipe your card and eat on the go is. Cook a little more than you usually would this week.