Heavy steps as you move from place to place at an increased speed for what real purpose? Is your reason because you are afraid? A little out of shape? Or because you simply enjoy running from place to place letting yourself experience new things. Many of us in life are these different types of runners and when we run we run with purpose because running for any other reason seems pointless to most.

Do you run out of fear? Are you running from someone or something? Is it your past, your parents, or your present? Whatever is chasing you might be causing you stress and anxiety as you go leaving you restless and unsure of your footing as you go. Some spend their whole lives running from ideas of what might happen instead of facing the reality of what is happening and owning it.

Are you a runner to stay fit or to shed those extra pounds? Do you run to stay trendy and up to date on the latest fashions? Have you fallen prey to the idea that you need to run with those who pose for the cameras and record their workouts on social media? Have you allowed yourself to let the fitness aspirations of others smother your self-esteem and worth? We live in a world surrounded by double tapped celebrities who are pushing their ideal lifestyle on others, and everyone chases them in their own way.

These people who are encouraging you to join them in their followings and lifestyle can be extreme on all angles with the various amounts of fad dieting, exercise routines, or sheer laziness. THose who run the trends on social media may smile in front of the camera but are running wherever they think the likes might be and living less of their genuine selves.

Finally, there are those who run simply because they enjoy it and it makes them happy. These are the people who often smile for no reason, go on adventures with friends and family, and test their limits one step at a time. Often they may not be fancy or trendy but just interested in optimizing the life they have to live.

What type of runner are you?