I know a few things about life and I mean just a few things. The things I don’t know about the world outnumber the things I do know one-billion to one. I like being able to acknowledge that I only know a few things because that allows me to be open to learning many more as my cup has plenty of room to be filled. Every day we have the opportunity to learn new things from books, the internet, and other people. We should try to always be ready to learn a thing or two when the occasion arises in front of us.

I bring this up because today was one of those days where I asked a few questions then was able to listen. Listen to peoples passion about the products and services they provide to their customers. Listening to others share their passion behind the company they work for is exciting and motivating to me. Each person who I interacted with was excited about the products and services they sent out into the world because they made a difference in educational institutions for all students who were able to have classrooms that utilized their products.

I loved hearing that students grades were increasing by 10% and teachers were taking 8% less sick days because of these products. As an employee at this company, these people knew they were using their skills to invest in the education of others. I think that was what excited me the most was hearing the feedback that these employees felt that they were apart of something bigger than just another transaction for money. They were apart of the development of future scholars, policymakers, and leaders.

It’s always a happy experience for me to be asked to audit employees of companies and see where they fit on an employee happiness scale. As employees, we look to do a good job at a great company that has a great culture within. We are a vital part of maintaining this culture as leadership often introduces ideas that we might not understand at first we are responsible for ourselves and those we interact with learning the updates and helping others understand them. If we are willing to learn new things and continue being a strong asset to the company we are apart of.

Join a culture that learns.
Help that culture continue to grow.

See where that can go.