Plans can change at any moment and tonight was one of those nights. We were all packed up to head off to visit some family and ended up staying at home instead. At first, I was a little down that our plans had changed then was able to pivot into a few alternate activities that filled the evening with enjoyment and accomplishment. It was especially nice because I was able to spend the evening with my wife and dog, my night was excellent because of our adventures together.

We are new homeowners and have plenty of projects around our house that we are excited to work on. Our first stop was Lowes which is project friendly and dog-friendly too, which makes it the perfect place for us to go. We snagged many yard needs and were able to gather information needed for repairing the pergola in our new yard. We are excited about summer and are excited to replace a few things and get ready for a summer of fun in our home.

After our time at Lowes, we had a hankering for some food and Pizza was the answer to our hunger. After we ordered our pizza we went on a walk around the neighborhood while our food was being prepped and cooked. Our dog is a funny creature as she is always is looking for new smells and will plant herself firmly in one spot with her nose in the ground until she gets enough of the smell that she walks away looking for new smells. After thirty-minutes we returned for our pizza and my wife went for the food and we jumped in the car. My pup jumped in the front seat and took ownership of the spot my wife normally would sit.

My wife laughed when we picked her up and we drove home to enjoy our pizza. Although our plans changed we were able to have an impromptu night of fun together. We talked and caught up on a week’s worth of stories and spent needed quality time we both appreciate.

Shopping, dog walking, pizza, talking, and a movie make for a great night.