No matter what we are all moving in some direction and will end up at some destination. Often our destinations can be loosely based on an idea such as “I’d like to get into better physical shape by March.” This idea is based around attaining some form of betterness through physical activity but has no clear destination. Other destinations are more apparent and thought out such as “I’d like to visit all fifty US States between July of 2019 and July of 2021 and must stay in each state for twenty-four hours to count it as visited.” That is a well-defined goal with a timeline and sub defined goal to make the experience equally measured.

Tonight I want to share about a destination I am currently working towards. It’s a project in my backyard that has been staring me in the face daily since we moved in. Repairing the weather-worn pergola in our back yard so that we dare to invite guests over for summer bbq’s and I can have an outdoor space to read, write, and lounge about. This is a very selfish goal that I want to complete so that I can reap all the rewards. As I have been working towards repairing the floor I have realized this is going to be a larger project than expected.

I have been surprised each time I remove a few more rotted floorboards from the base of the pergola how much water damage has taken place where I couldn’t see until the floorboards were gone. As of right now, I will need to remove the entire base of the pergola and start over again. Is this what I had expected when starting this project? Not at all. Is it something that needs to be done to guarantee quality and extended use and satisfaction? Yes, and when the work is all done it’ll be even more relaxing to relax under something I repaired/built with my own hand(Not a typo).

Our lives and our journeys never tend to go as planned, there are always bumps in the roads that may require a few extra steps to reach our desired destination. We are always in control of how we react to these extra steps or unprecedented situations we are placed in our decision on how to act will shape how we move forward. Whatever your destination may be, decided today that a few detours along the way can’t hurt your progress toward where you want to be.