Last Month.

The lack of posts last month was the cause of numerous excuses made by me. I made the decision that I wanted to put out content that made sense that could motivate people to live happier lives. After the first night of closing my laptop because my writing didn’t have meaning or make sense a trend began of repeated nights of closed laptop and excuses to avoid writing my nightly entry. I sabotaged my own goal because I was afraid of becoming stagnant in my personal growth.

What I noticed with all my excuses came actual feelings of stagnation with my daily routines. I felt that writing something out at night was the last push at putting thoughts out there that might help someone in their life. It’s a strange thing to want to have influence that reaches farther than your immediate circle or people you know in day to day life. The world is a big place but the opportunities the internet allows for are endless because just a few minutes of typing and a few clicks and my thoughts are shared around the globe.

This isn’t a promise to anyone but myself to be better this month at writing my desired three hundred words a day, every day. My goal is to finish the month with a post a day as I had committed to at the beginning of the year. This was my original intent to write simple messages that might have an influence on others. So here we go again.

We need to spend more time doing the things we want to, less dragging ourselves through the hoops others expect of us to each day. Take a little more time for yourself, disconnect from your phone and live a life less connected.

That’s the message for today live a better life through taking a little more control of your time each day.