We are better together, we do better together, we work better together. I don’t know how else to say it, we need to do a better job at being united together to help each other to become better people. It’s something we all see every day the stories designed to divide and weaken us.

We see this no matter where we turn, the idea that we need to look down on others and unite against them because we do not see the world as others see it. That because some believe in one truth and we believe in another that there isn’t a common ground that we share. Are there bad people out there? Yes, many but overall we can agree that people are good and can surprise us if we give them the chance.

What are we? We are the human race, all struggling everyday with challenges that involve money, relationships, mental and physical health, food, borders, education, and work. We all breathe our way through another day and hope that our days can be happy, each one hopefully better than the last.

Together we can contribute to a better world for everyone if we are a little nicer, at little more patient, a little better to listen, and a little better at understanding each other. Is this the easy road to take? Once again no, but this is the best road to being more people together.


I know that I’ve referred to Anthony Bourdain a few times over the past weeks as someone who lived a life that inspired me to get out there and be a better human. To get out there and find what connects us by sharing a meal, and talking about real issues that have impacts on the way each of us lives daily around the world. I recently started reading his book Kitchen Confidential and have learned about the experience that jumpstarted his passion for food and culture.

He talks about a summer spent visiting France visiting family, sampling new foods, and immersing his young self in a culture other than his own. He talked about his youthful attitude for testing the rules and his parent’s patience as they traveled around the country as a young family. The defining moment that eventually steered him towards a career in the culinary world, eating an oyster fresh from the ocean on a Frenchmans boat. That was the moment he knew that food was his future and he would eat near anything anywhere in the world. From here he became a chef, writer, and travel documentary maker each of his different professional ventures around food showed the world the flavors that connected us.

In my humble opinion, he lived a life that the “most interesting man in the world” could envy. He taught us how to be less afraid of what we don’t know, to live with others, to live with passion. That is something few of us can say they do well, living each day with a genuine passion for life and its twists and turns. Why are we afraid to follow our passions? Are we afraid of the unknown? Are we afraid to take the route that’s a little more exciting but a little less safe?

Living life with a passion for what we do daily sounds like a challenge for us common folk who work 9-5 jobs that we use to pay the bills just to get by. These jobs may not be our ideal / dream careers but they are a segue to bigger and better things ahead as long as you play your cards right and be invested in what you are doing at that time. Have passion in the little things so as you work to bigger things your passion shines through in full.


We’ve all heard it before that someone who has Charisma when they speak or when they’re doing something they’re doing it in a very charismatic way. This can draw people to others and make it much easier for them to follow someone who’s energy they are attracted to. This energy can be harnessed to enact great change around the world.

The energy we carry when we are speaking with others while sharing our vision for the world around us can create a change for the better. We know there are energies can go one of two ways. One that helps build societies into a better place, another that leads to division and frustration. More of us need to remember to use your influence for bettering the places we live. Dare to lead others to a better place, even when the odds are stacked against you.

One thing I know is that we can use our voices and actions to elevate ourselves and others to a better place. When sharing your opinions with others speak better of those you know, those you don’t know yet, and even those who have wronged you. Is this an easy task? No. Will this change your outlook on the world? Yes, for the better.

Every day, you are sending messages to others. Your messages share your true self by using verbal and nonverbal cues. There are times it’s hard not to share negativity with others, but when you share simple positively charges messages you are opening the doors for more goodness to be known to those who need a little extra light.

One of the best things that we can do for ourselves and for those around us is live our truest happiest lives. Living a genuine life enables you to be more charismatic each day, and share the best of days with charisma in each move we make.