Today I sat down to write and drew a blank at what to write about. My mind shuddered and my thoughts became incoherent strands of incomplete ideas and thoughts. I started glancing at memes, revisiting old ideas, and procrastinating putting thoughts into digital text. Nothing came to mind I drew a blank. I sat here and reviewed my day and wondered what caused my absence of thought tonight?

Was it the four walks I took my dog in today? Where I played tug a war with an eight-month-old puppy who wanted to befriend every dog, cow, and pig we passed today as we walked? Was it my frustration after toiling around the yard today and not feeling that enough progress has been made in my desire to redesign our greenspace? Were the blank halls of thought a side effect of revamping my eBay store and shipping out orders from the weekend? Where was the lack of inspiration coming from? I still don’t know.

Perhaps it is stemming from the change in the air, two major changes are happening this week a new shift for me and a new job for my wife. Both are extremely exciting because they are putting us both closer to where we want to be in our professional careers. Change can be a challenge when there is a lot of motion in a short time, for me this feels like a lot of motion.

Life is a juggling act for most everyone where we are figuring out what is happening, how we want things to happen, and how they actually are happening. Along with a dozen other things tossed into the said juggling act we are often life like a spider in rollerskates, attempting to find our footing as each foot slips out from under us. Life is in constant motion and we know that motion will always be happening around us. Our best option is to join the locomotion and continue doing our thing the best we can.