One of the most frustrating hobbies I enjoy is setting up and completing puzzles. Puzzles are able to keep me entertained for hours, keeping my mind active and problem-solving abilities ever increasing as puzzles require repeated attempts before success at times. I’ve also found that doing puzzles with others encourages collaboration between friends and team success’ are great for strengthening friendships. More folks should work on puzzles and here’s why.

Completing a puzzle on your own builds focus, endurance, and helps you build confidence in your ability to complete a project. Allowing yourself to spend time each day working towards the completion of a challenge can be incredibly satisfying. Puzzles can test our abilities in problem-solving because they can have simple tasks with easy flow or times of trial where you hit a wall unsure where to go and what moves are next. After some time and reevaluating the next moves you are able to find the next steps and complete the task at hand or puzzle.

Should you decide to work with others in order to complete your puzzle it can encourage a number of needed skills in modern workspaces. A few things that I’ve learned from working together with others on puzzles is that conversation flows naturally if you are willing to talk openly about what you have in your hand and ask where it might be able to go. Resulting in the ability to collaborate together to achieve the task faster with quality results. It allows you to express the challenges openly and see the end result with additional minds with the same desired outcome.

Often puzzles can be viewed at as boring and tedious busy work that waste time with limited results. However, the end result is not solely a beautiful image built of many pieces but a series of moves towards an end goal. It allows for better opportunities to learn new skills in problem-solving that are hands-on until completion. Try out a puzzle today by yourself or with someone else and see what life lessons you learn as you piece it all together.