Who do you aspire to be? Why do you want to be that person? And what steps are you taking to evolve into the desired person? We live in good times, times that enable us to learn almost anything and become almost anyone. We are able to snap photos and record video of said interests and progress towards our desired destination of becoming someone known for our travels, achievements, and persona.

Who do you aspire to be? When I think of the type of person I want to become I think about the role models I had growing up. I think about their principles, behavior, work ethic, and abilities. I think about my Dad and his efforts to teach others how to do their best as athletes in their sport and their best as individuals in their family and community. I think about my Grandfather and his desire to be of service when he could to whomever he could be of service to. Being involved in continually doing their best wherever they went is natural to them, I’ve always aspired to be similar to them in that way. Whoever you want to emulate, find their good and try and tune yourself to do the same, just with your own personal touch of genuine goodness.

What steps are you taking to evolve into the person you want to become? If your goal is to become a better listener are you setting yourself up to be in a place that gives you the opportunity to listen? Are you putting yourself in places that will help you grow and utilize the desired traits you want to become strengths? This might require you to put yourself a little outside your comfort zone into the headlights of a growth or learning opportunity.

If you are not sure what you aspire to be in the future take a moment and jot down and fill out a list that might look something like this:

Positive traits that I have today:

Traits I want to have:

People who have the traits I aspire to have:

Their strengths:

My strengths:

What can I do to attain desired traits?

Just a few ideas to help you on your way to see who you want to become in the years ahead. Whatever you should do, aspire to be your best self, happiest self, and most honest self.


We are better together, we do better together, we work better together. I don’t know how else to say it, we need to do a better job at being united together to help each other to become better people. It’s something we all see every day the stories designed to divide and weaken us.

We see this no matter where we turn, the idea that we need to look down on others and unite against them because we do not see the world as others see it. That because some believe in one truth and we believe in another that there isn’t a common ground that we share. Are there bad people out there? Yes, many but overall we can agree that people are good and can surprise us if we give them the chance.

What are we? We are the human race, all struggling everyday with challenges that involve money, relationships, mental and physical health, food, borders, education, and work. We all breathe our way through another day and hope that our days can be happy, each one hopefully better than the last.

Together we can contribute to a better world for everyone if we are a little nicer, at little more patient, a little better to listen, and a little better at understanding each other. Is this the easy road to take? Once again no, but this is the best road to being more people together.


What is your why? Why do you do things that way you do them? Why are you willing to face adversity to reach your desired destination in life. These are thoughts I’ve had before when I hear about someone with a big dream that seems to be a bit more than they probably can bite, chew, and swallow. Meaning I’m not sure why they really are doing things the way they are doing, I’m probably not alone in wondering about these things.

As a youth in central Utah, I used to sell corn on the side of the road next to the high school every fall for a few summers. My Father, Grandfather, and I would go pick the corn then we’d park the truck on the side of the street and I’d sit there till the sun went down or I’d sold all my corn for the day. I learned a few interpersonal skills with people and how to sell products to folks which is a benefit to me to this day. One of the most memorable experiences for me was trying to sell a bag of corn to a man carrying a giant cross across the USA who stopped through our little town on his way to California.

I asked him about his cross and why it had a wheel on the bottom. Man, “It’s designed to make the walk easier as I carry it.” Me, “Why are you carrying that thing? Don’t you think it would be faster to leave it behind?” Man, “Yes, it would be easier, but I want to show everyone that I can carry this heavy cross from New York to California.”  Me, “Ummm, okay, but why?” Man, “I told myself if I could do this, I could do anything.” Eight or Nine year old me didn’t get it then but have never forgotten it to this day. This man had a purpose to walk across America with a heavy wooden object, and I hope it helped him see he could do anything. I did, however, sell him some corn to fuel his trek.

To this day I see and hear about people who are setting out for challenging journeys as adventurers, entrepreneurs, athletes, and scholars. I can’t always relate to nor understand their vision for choosing the challenges they have decided to claim. I can confirm that choosing a challenge that people don’t understand can be a catalyst to the greatest adventures of one’s life.

Share your why with others, and enlighten them on your vision. If they doubt you or don’t understand that is okay. They might catch a vision similar to yours one day, and take off on their own journey fueled by nothing more than why.


We’ve all felt it, that strike of genius that inspires us to take action and do something. The lightbulb clicking on above our heads at just the right moment when we needed that extra push to act. Ideas that resonate with us and encourage us to take up writing, running, painting, or dancing. These ideas that create motion and enable us to be our truest selves. There is nothing more powerful than an idea that sparks action and change.

In the film V for Vendetta, V mentions that “Ideas are bullet-proof”. I agree with this statement, many a martyr have been slain and their words have lived on and inspired thousands to continue with their ideas and visions for humanity. Ideas often become words, written on paper or verbalized before the masses. If you think about it you can name many people who shared their visions for the world who were, civil rights leaders, musicians, artists, writers, scientists, and leaders. A few that come to my mind would be The Beatles, Martin Luther King Jr, Charlie Chapman, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Nelson Mandella, and Anthony Bourdain. Obviously, this is a short list of people whose ideas have influenced me personally. I’d assume a list created by you might share some of the same people but overall would be different due to the difference in your personal preferences and varied personal inspirations.

When we share our ideas with others, we not only put our perception of the world out there for others to relate to but for others to debate. Perhaps you see my writing here as subpar and too heavily based on opinion, that is okay. I say this is okay because I understand that not everyone sees the world as I do, I’ll be the first to admit there are a hundred sides to a story, and everyone who has ever witnessed, experienced or read about different parts of history have felt differently about things that were good or bad about those events.

Remember, do not be afraid to share your ideas. Share your ideas and be prepared for feedback from others and be willing to not only speak but to listen, as you may never know what the ideas of others may add to the table and what influence they might be for the greater good of humankind.