Digital Vomit.

When I thought up the idea of writing at least Three Hundred Words a Day every day I thought that thinking of an inspirational message connected to my day to day activities would be easy. Little did I know that this task would be harder than I could have imagined. I have been stumped many nights over what to write that might help others to see life in a better light and be easier on others and be easier on themselves. It is a challenge for me writing something every day that makes sense and doesn’t come out as what I call “digital vomit”.

Digital Vomit is simply defined as posting something just for the sake of posting it. A post that has no real meaning or purpose and posted just for the potential views along with the hope that you’ll keep the algorithm from the internet in your favor. That’s what I do some nights just to get my post up and my checklist checked for another day. This isn’t what I envisioned when I started out this project and it’s been hard to recognize this is what I do just to get by.

What I had hoped was a simple day to day activity for my own personal growth that I could share with others to inspire them. I feel that I fall short of this goal a few nights a week, I hope to change that. This week I will be putting more effort into my posts to see how I feel about my work, as we all know to put more effort into something usually yields increased satisfaction with your output. I’m hoping for a week with less digital vomit and a week of sharing posts that can inspire others in their personal journeys.  

This is a personal evaluation of my progress as a writer, storyteller, and person who shares inspiration. Am I the best at my craft? No, but I am better today than I was January 1st and that is what matters to me. Here’s to a week of improves posts and better storytelling.


Netflix has opened a world of easy access to cooking inspiration combined with the wanderlust we all crave. I recently started a new cooking series called Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat where the very first episode you are welcomed into olive orchards, peoples farms and homes then walked through the process of constructing mouth-watering delights. Not only are you watching masters at work preparing food you are hearing the host speak Italian and traversing through cities with locals.

It’s a real inspiration to travel looking for more opportunities to explore local foods, cook local cuisine, and interact with the people in a more personal manner. Often we spend so much time speeding through checklists of famous landmarks that we hope to see that we fail to connect with the place and people we are surrounded by. From my own personal travel experiences, I can say that too often I fail to follow the footsteps on my travel heroes. I fail to take a moment to squeeze out the real local vibes and too much time squeezing out the travel checklist and Instagram worthy captures.

More of us could benefit from looking around the places we travel as if we were locals. Interacting more organically with others might allow us to make new friends and see more unique sights others may not see because they are following a well-paved path. I’ve learned that there are the little things you miss out on if you are going too many places too fast as you hurry from one destination to the next. I recommend when you visit a place that you find a place or two to converse with the locals, see where they go, see the places they think are beautiful, and where they eat most, then go and see those places.

Just like all the different travel/cooking films you can find on Netflix or other streaming services take your time and experience the moments, conversations, and sights one day at a time, with eyes looking to experience a place as a local might.  


I’ve always wondered what it took to have a burst of energy or thought that became an idea then became reality. We have these moments where a spark of inspiration calls us to dig deep and work hard for a cause. These moments can be life-changing, leading us towards a happier more satisfying calling in life.

I think about TOMS shoes as a prime example of this. Blake Mycoskie saw an opportunity to build a for-profit business that could resonate with many, provide shoes to those who need them through a one for one business model. As of 2016, Mycoskie’s dream that became reality has donated around 60 million pairs of shoes.  

Another person with big ideas that needed to be shared is Lewis Howes. Lewis decided that he wanted to not only find out the why behind success he wanted to live a successful life. To find out how successful people lived, balanced, and found true happiness he began a podcast called the School of Greatness where he interviewed people who were known as successful folk to the masses.

Lewis has talked about his struggles after his fall from professional sports finding himself on his sister’s couch and looking for an opportunity where he could find it while battling depression. This led him to start his podcast interviewing hundreds of inspirational people and eventually authoring a book of the same name, The School of Greatness. Today Lewis continues to motivate and inspire many through his podcast, and Facebook show.

Why did I choose these two as people who felt a spark to do that ignited their way to achieving their dreams? I am a believer in both of them, when toms launched I purchased 3 pairs shoes within the first year and after struggling through some personal low points listening to Lewis’ podcast helped me see the bigger picture of life and success. The ideas they have shared resonate with me and I use them both as aspirations for the big dreams I want to work into reality.


Whenever you begin something new there is usually a build-up to actually starting the journey. There is a process we have to pursue before we can actually say “I’m doing this.” Every January a new wave of gym goers flood the gym with new resolutions to lose weight, improve their flexibility, lower their hours on Netflix watching from the couch, or on doctors orders. No matter the reason, these people are attending the gym and willingly putting themselves into a new routine that they are not going to love. Their backs will hurt, pride will be crumbled, and their comfort zone will be left behind.

Why is that you might ask if you’ve never been to the gym between January and March because we hate admitting that we’ve let ourselves slip out of youth, strength, and ability. Most all of us who have endured this process know that day one back at the gym you start out lifting heavy like you used to and the next morning you struggle to perform routine tasks without a little grimace from sore muscles and joints. Day two you might lift a little less weight, and recognize this is a better decision for the start of your marathon back to better health.

The process of self-evaluating your next moves in life doesn’t only apply to get back into the gym, it goes for everything you might be preparing to do. Creating a vision of where you want to be in the future should be looked at as a marathon instead of a sprint. It’s the steps taken along the way of a set timeline that will make all the difference in where you will end up.

As a writer, I’ve chosen to write Three Hundred Words A Day for 365 days, to build up my writing portfolio one day at a time, improve my vocabulary, and share inspiration with others. For others, their processes might include running a distance every day, taking a picture of a different subject each day, say kinder words to others as often as you can muster, or test out a new recipe each week while prepping a meal. Though these processes are similar they will be very different for each person who takes the effort to work through the struggles they might have to enjoy the process one day at a time.


We’ve all felt it, that strike of genius that inspires us to take action and do something. The lightbulb clicking on above our heads at just the right moment when we needed that extra push to act. Ideas that resonate with us and encourage us to take up writing, running, painting, or dancing. These ideas that create motion and enable us to be our truest selves. There is nothing more powerful than an idea that sparks action and change.

In the film V for Vendetta, V mentions that “Ideas are bullet-proof”. I agree with this statement, many a martyr have been slain and their words have lived on and inspired thousands to continue with their ideas and visions for humanity. Ideas often become words, written on paper or verbalized before the masses. If you think about it you can name many people who shared their visions for the world who were, civil rights leaders, musicians, artists, writers, scientists, and leaders. A few that come to my mind would be The Beatles, Martin Luther King Jr, Charlie Chapman, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Nelson Mandella, and Anthony Bourdain. Obviously, this is a short list of people whose ideas have influenced me personally. I’d assume a list created by you might share some of the same people but overall would be different due to the difference in your personal preferences and varied personal inspirations.

When we share our ideas with others, we not only put our perception of the world out there for others to relate to but for others to debate. Perhaps you see my writing here as subpar and too heavily based on opinion, that is okay. I say this is okay because I understand that not everyone sees the world as I do, I’ll be the first to admit there are a hundred sides to a story, and everyone who has ever witnessed, experienced or read about different parts of history have felt differently about things that were good or bad about those events.

Remember, do not be afraid to share your ideas. Share your ideas and be prepared for feedback from others and be willing to not only speak but to listen, as you may never know what the ideas of others may add to the table and what influence they might be for the greater good of humankind.