Doubt and putting in the work.

What does your inner voice say to you when you set off towards reaching a new goal. Is the voice you hear a cheerleader? A voice that is filled with belief and confidence in your ability to accomplish your goal? Does the voice enable you to push onward through challenges to reach your destination without a doubt on your quest?

Do you have a inner voice like mine that tends to distract you from your desired outcome? A voice that causes you to doubt your abilities and motivation? That provides you with endless excuses and alternative “opportunities” to test out as you go. I have a voice that does all of those things builds me up, tears me down, welcomes doubt into the conversation, then leaves me filled with questions and thoughts about all the potential outcomes that could happen. Unfortunately, this voice of mine usually focuses on the high probability of failure.

I spend too much time thinking about what might happen if I fail and not enough time working towards my goal. I recognize that sounds a lot easier than it really is to just not think about all the various “What if” scenarios playing through our minds. It is just as easy though to do the work, it takes just as much time and is much more productive than battling with your doubts.

This month I have pushed myself more than I have previously on my e-commerce store, I have worked to get more items online, better selections of items, and a greater reach to potential customers via smarter marketing tactics. It seems to be working so far this month but we are only eight days into the month.

I also have made great steps forward with my podcast. I’ve ordered the equipment, worked out the first five episodes with guests and have a excellent plan to market to as large of an audience as I can. I’m committing to making this project work no matter how rough the first episodes might be I’ll push through and make this project reach it fullest potential one episode at a time.

I can’t wait to show you all.


No matter what we are all moving in some direction and will end up at some destination. Often our destinations can be loosely based on an idea such as “I’d like to get into better physical shape by March.” This idea is based around attaining some form of betterness through physical activity but has no clear destination. Other destinations are more apparent and thought out such as “I’d like to visit all fifty US States between July of 2019 and July of 2021 and must stay in each state for twenty-four hours to count it as visited.” That is a well-defined goal with a timeline and sub defined goal to make the experience equally measured.

Tonight I want to share about a destination I am currently working towards. It’s a project in my backyard that has been staring me in the face daily since we moved in. Repairing the weather-worn pergola in our back yard so that we dare to invite guests over for summer bbq’s and I can have an outdoor space to read, write, and lounge about. This is a very selfish goal that I want to complete so that I can reap all the rewards. As I have been working towards repairing the floor I have realized this is going to be a larger project than expected.

I have been surprised each time I remove a few more rotted floorboards from the base of the pergola how much water damage has taken place where I couldn’t see until the floorboards were gone. As of right now, I will need to remove the entire base of the pergola and start over again. Is this what I had expected when starting this project? Not at all. Is it something that needs to be done to guarantee quality and extended use and satisfaction? Yes, and when the work is all done it’ll be even more relaxing to relax under something I repaired/built with my own hand(Not a typo).

Our lives and our journeys never tend to go as planned, there are always bumps in the roads that may require a few extra steps to reach our desired destination. We are always in control of how we react to these extra steps or unprecedented situations we are placed in our decision on how to act will shape how we move forward. Whatever your destination may be, decided today that a few detours along the way can’t hurt your progress toward where you want to be.

Dog Bath.

We try weekly to bathe our dog June, there are times we skip a week and there are times when she gets multiple baths. It all depends on how dirty our dog is after playing outside, and how ambitious we are feeling. Today was the day to bathe the beast and help her smell a little better.

Every time we try to trick our dog into jumping into the tub she catches on to what we are doing then tries to evade us at all costs. She runs around the house as if it is a game of tag, with her heart and mind set on avoiding the suds of cleanliness. Once we are able to catch her and talk her into climbing into the tub she sits down in the back of the tub as far away from the showerheads reach as she can.

June hangs her head in defeat while she is bathed and seems to hate every minute of the bath. As soon as we are finished with her bath she shakes twice in the tub, then leaps from the tub and is ready to zoom around the house scattering water wherever she goes. We’ve trained her to run to the living room and roll around on a blanket, which she does with more stoke than a Fin taking a winter swim then dashing back to the sauna. As much as our pup pretends to hate baths she does enjoy the ten minutes after when she rolls around and dries off on the blanket.

The reason I share this story of the weekly dog bath is that many of us are like my dog, we dislike the tasks that will improve our quality of life but are often energetic after we buckle down and do what needs to be done. It’s never easy to dive into a challenge, we have to build ourselves up to the task often playing a little tag till we get there. Yet, once we commit to the idea and just do the thing, we are rewarded with good feelings all around for accomplishing the tasks.

Digital Vomit.

When I thought up the idea of writing at least Three Hundred Words a Day every day I thought that thinking of an inspirational message connected to my day to day activities would be easy. Little did I know that this task would be harder than I could have imagined. I have been stumped many nights over what to write that might help others to see life in a better light and be easier on others and be easier on themselves. It is a challenge for me writing something every day that makes sense and doesn’t come out as what I call “digital vomit”.

Digital Vomit is simply defined as posting something just for the sake of posting it. A post that has no real meaning or purpose and posted just for the potential views along with the hope that you’ll keep the algorithm from the internet in your favor. That’s what I do some nights just to get my post up and my checklist checked for another day. This isn’t what I envisioned when I started out this project and it’s been hard to recognize this is what I do just to get by.

What I had hoped was a simple day to day activity for my own personal growth that I could share with others to inspire them. I feel that I fall short of this goal a few nights a week, I hope to change that. This week I will be putting more effort into my posts to see how I feel about my work, as we all know to put more effort into something usually yields increased satisfaction with your output. I’m hoping for a week with less digital vomit and a week of sharing posts that can inspire others in their personal journeys.  

This is a personal evaluation of my progress as a writer, storyteller, and person who shares inspiration. Am I the best at my craft? No, but I am better today than I was January 1st and that is what matters to me. Here’s to a week of improves posts and better storytelling.


Tonight I made tacos, not just any tacos but tacos al pastor. Some of my favorite tacos to eat and some of the most enjoyable to make at home. Is this post going to be a recipe so you can make these at home? Na, you have to find your own, but I recommend making them at home! However, this is a short write up of why it takes multiple ingredients to create a meal filled with flavor and can be eaten with full satisfaction.

Let’s be honest taking time to cook is a hassle for many of us. Who has the time to plan out a meal, shop for the ingredients, prep said ingredients, then cook the meal. That can take up to an hour or more and hunger often overpowers our will and we give in to eating elsewhere where we only show up eat and pay. Cooking at home isn’t something I hear that many people do anymore.

Convenience is key when it comes to eating and the way that we treat eating shows it. Fast food that is easy to consume on the go is all the rage for our fast lifestyles. People eat in their cars more than they eat in their homes, which says a lot about how we live our lives often rushing from one place to another and feeding our cravings belted into moving vehicles. We need to put more thought into how we eat.

Tonight was a fun reminder of how twenty minutes of food preparation, four hours of marinating meat, and ninety minutes on the oven create a meal worth sharing with others. So next time your stomach growls for a meal put a little more thought into what you are going to make and a little less time thinking about where the nearest place to swipe your card and eat on the go is. Cook a little more than you usually would this week.


Tonight on the drive home we took a different route than we normally do. We took a detour that was a little slower than the normal route up the interstate but it was something new that yielded the same outcome meaning we made it home. Life is filled with detours and alternate routes that can lead to the same destination you originally set out on. Many of us have been taught that there is only one ladder to success, there is only one path to follow and this is incorrect as there are many ways to reach the same destination.

I love going on road trips and finding the most unique way to reach the desired destination I had planned. These routes often have a random assortment of stops that can be educational, entertaining, and satisfying. Whenever we take a detour we take every opportunity that sounds entertaining without any debate we just say let’s give it a try and pull over. We’ve had some good, great, strange, and not repeatable experiences that have helped us tell better stories after our adventures are over.

Day to day life is very similar in the fact that we are always able to choose to take the opportunities that are presented to us potentially seeing a different route to success. What holds us back? Our fears of stepping outside the status quo, failing, or embarrassing ourselves. Being able to look at an alternate way of doing things isn’t something to be afraid of, sometimes the detour is the best door. People are remembered for the things they’ve done that stand out and the risks they take.

Looking back on the detour we took on our return home we were presented with less traffic, more wildlife, better views of the mountains, and a new way of getting home. We are grateful for taking the chance on new route home and look forward to taking chances in our day to day lives as we look forward to successful detours.


I think more people than me have experienced a moment when you are talking with someone and they get a confused look on their face then question/comment on the way that you pronounce a word. I happen to know that there are times when I poorly pronounce a few words from time to time. It’s always a funny experience for people when I say a few of these words and they aren’t certain if I am joking or if that is really how I speak.

One of the funniest words that I mispronounce is usually Popeyes. Yes, I’m talking about the chicken joint. I have surprised dozens of friends when I mispronounce Popeyes for Pope- eyes and for some reason, I am constantly relearning how to correctly pronounce the word then shortly falling back to my incorrect pronunciation of the word. There are times when I am genuinely embarrassed that I fall back to a poorly pronounced word and there are other times that I just don’t care and hope that my friends can forgive me for my poor words.

I think that is a slight metaphor for life at times. We each have weaknesses that we know are there and try to change or adjust to a better practice or way of doing things. There are times when we stand strong and hold to said new idea or habit and there are other times that we attempt the change then fail a few times and decide that reverting back to our previous behavior. There are times when we understand that we are as we are and will be just fine staying as we are. Others often may see our shortcomings yet decide to pursue our friendship and accept us as we are.

Life is a challenge at times, we can mispronounce words or have a few shortcomings but people will work with us if they are true friends and are willing to work with our differences. As we would hopefully do for them as we get to better know them.