One Step At A Time.

I’m taking a math class online this summer, I have been pleasantly surprised at everything I remember and slightly disappointed by the things I have forgotten. Maths and I have never had a good relationship primarily due to me and my disgust for the processes required that I have struggled to understand. I don’t understand why math has been a long term struggle for me, I am attempting to change my outlook on the subject and my ability to succeed as a math student one step at a time.

One step in my plan to change my outlook is to spend time each day working on a series of problems and assignments. I know that for some this seems pretty natural to do, it’s never been a part of my process as a math student. I have never been able to sit down for longer than thirty minutes at a time without giving up and closing the book for a night or two. This behavior has sprouted a strong disconnect between my desire to learn math and my ability to learn the processes.

For this class, I have decided to rewire my mindset toward mathematics one day at a time. I have worked for the past few months to change my attitude toward my abilities as a math student. I believe I can learn the processes if I invest time each day to work problems from start to finish. Another reason I believe I can rewire my mindset is that I have confidence in the program that I will be using to learn the various steps to complete the variety of questions I need to answer.

Doing these things genuinely seems like something I should have learned when I was younger, I only learned to fear and hate math. This attitude I’m working toward will change the world of problem-solving for me if I can stick with the belief that my mindset toward mathematics can be rewritten one day and one step at a time.


Higher education discourages me a lot. I have hated college my entire college career because I have always believed it to be a business rather than a service designed to better the lives of individuals and our communities. I owe no debt to any school for the education I have pursued but I know plenty of others that have. I have also transferred between different universities and had credits lost because once school doesn’t accept the validity of the education I received at the school before. This for me has been a huge source of discouragement as a nontraditional student.

I genuinely have had an array of professors as a college student, some that are invested in their student’s education and others who could care less if anyone in their class learns anything at all. It is a challenge to learn when others lack the desire to teach. A few semesters back I had a marketing professor tell me how ads in newspapers were still all the rage and that social media marketing was a fad that would die out. I tend to disagree with that professor’s views. I wish there were more professionals in residence who taught the fast-moving subjects of the world. My three favorite instructors have been working professionals by day and professors by night.

I write this out of pure frustration for the higher education system because my classes have “expired” and now my school is asking me to retake more classes that I have already taken in the past. It angers me to no end this is the school I have decided to attend and the educational system around us is designed to take money from students and toss them into lifelong debt for a career that might not even pay off their school debt.

Watch this and think a little:

PS I have no student loan debt but I hate the system either way.