Summiting Timp: First thought to first steps.

My friend messaged me asking what my plan was for Monday because it had been far too long since we had been on an adventure. I looked at the day ahead and having nothing on the calendar besides time with my dog and dinner with my wife after she was finished at work I gladly accepted the invitation to get out on an adventure and start the week out right. 

We talked through a couple of ideas such as hiking with our dofs to the granddaddy lakes region in the High Uintas, heading to the summit of Ben Lomond Peak, or hiking around the Mount Timpanogos Wilderness and possibly summiting the peak. We settled on hiking Timpanogos as it was the closest option and the least amount of driving, agreeing to meet at 6:30 am the following morning and set out for a day of hiking, beautiful views and conversation. 

Although I was looking forward to the day ahead I was uncertain about my ability to gracefully climb the 4,390 feet to the summit as I have not been as active this year as I have been in past years. I have summited this mountain twice before and both times I was in better shape physically and probably a little more mentally strong as far as hiking in high elevations goes. I committed myself to a day of fun on the mountain and accepted that there would be a struggle as I went but one that I needed and looked forward to. 

As I prepared myself the next morning for the climb I casually stashed 4 liters of water for my dog and I along with two energy bars for me and variety of snacks and food for my four legged friend. My thought was to pack for a climb that could be classified as light and fast but still carry the needed gear in case of unexpected weather I added a waterproof windbreaker and a merino wool sweater for just in case. 

My friend arrived shortly before 6:30 am and our adventure of the day began as two climbers and their adventure pups were bound for the wilderness and possibly summit of Mount Timpanogos in the Wasatch range. 

Part 1 of 4

Leveling Up.

A quick follow up from yesterdays post, today I went on an spontaneous adventure with my friend to the desert three hours to the east. It was a great time searching out petroglyphs and walking through dry canyon washes looking at the sandstone features with our dogs. Just a follow up that saying yes a little more pays off, it made all the difference in how today turned out.

I listen to a number of podcasts that vary in topic from personal growth/development, business tactics/processes, food/restaurant development/managment and regular life stories that have a motivational tune to them. Most of them have a common theme about leveling up and doing better at what you do. The people sharing these messages are usually extremely dedicated to one or two things and have become world-class at using those skills to make money from them.

One of the most constant things you hear is taking the next step, leveling up in one way or another and using that momentum to maximize your opportunities to grow your business, brand, portfolio, or influence. After you level up once and you master your new level you seek out new opportunities to level up again. It’s a constant series of leveling up and extended growth so you can reach your ultimate level. The ultimate level might be wealth, successful businesses, or life balance.

For each of us, the end goal is different. We all want different things this is why our paths vary, the way we earn and spend money varies, and the way we look at life is slightly different from the people we spend the most time with. What I have deduced from each of these podcasts and their mentors and guests is that you need to deduce what you want to become and jump feet first into whatever you decide to pursue and become the best you can be at it.   


Netflix has opened a world of easy access to cooking inspiration combined with the wanderlust we all crave. I recently started a new cooking series called Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat where the very first episode you are welcomed into olive orchards, peoples farms and homes then walked through the process of constructing mouth-watering delights. Not only are you watching masters at work preparing food you are hearing the host speak Italian and traversing through cities with locals.

It’s a real inspiration to travel looking for more opportunities to explore local foods, cook local cuisine, and interact with the people in a more personal manner. Often we spend so much time speeding through checklists of famous landmarks that we hope to see that we fail to connect with the place and people we are surrounded by. From my own personal travel experiences, I can say that too often I fail to follow the footsteps on my travel heroes. I fail to take a moment to squeeze out the real local vibes and too much time squeezing out the travel checklist and Instagram worthy captures.

More of us could benefit from looking around the places we travel as if we were locals. Interacting more organically with others might allow us to make new friends and see more unique sights others may not see because they are following a well-paved path. I’ve learned that there are the little things you miss out on if you are going too many places too fast as you hurry from one destination to the next. I recommend when you visit a place that you find a place or two to converse with the locals, see where they go, see the places they think are beautiful, and where they eat most, then go and see those places.

Just like all the different travel/cooking films you can find on Netflix or other streaming services take your time and experience the moments, conversations, and sights one day at a time, with eyes looking to experience a place as a local might.  


As a child I was not a fan of being in classrooms. As a student I found myself bored and uninterested in the subjects I was mandated to learn. I wouldn’t say that I was a terrible student, but I wasn’t invested in learning the information I was required to at that moment. I appreciated my teachers and the time they would invest in attempting to shape my young mind, but I have always wanted something different based off my interests at the time.

As an adult attending university at times have been an uphill battle for me because of that mindset. I struggled even in subjects I was interested in all because of the rigid structure that higher education requires students to conform to. I had to break my mindset of the avoidance and distaste for classrooms and what they meant to me. That process took me two years of university education and thousands of dollars. I still don’t enjoy classrooms at all, but I am now able to listen better and learn easier behind a desk while being lectured at.

Learning for me was something that was never limited to classrooms. I was always learning outside of school either at home from books or out with my parents. I was and still am a questioner, I always want to know the “why” behind things, I want to understand the process and the mechanics that make things happen. From paving roads to the law process questions have been a tool I’ve used to learn a little about a subject and pursue what I wanted to learn or drop what I haven’t

Self learners tend to be able to pick up a subject and guide themselves to a working knowledge than a mastey of a desired subject. Many of the self learners I know are in a constant state of educating themselves and are often either early adopters of trends or find themselves in a constant state of catch up trying to rejoin the industry they are involved in.

Classrooms can be the best proving grounds for some along their educational experiences. For others classrooms can be places that dam learning and hinder the progress of different individuals. Each of us learn differently so find the place you learn best and excel in your education.


Today I sat down to write and drew a blank at what to write about. My mind shuddered and my thoughts became incoherent strands of incomplete ideas and thoughts. I started glancing at memes, revisiting old ideas, and procrastinating putting thoughts into digital text. Nothing came to mind I drew a blank. I sat here and reviewed my day and wondered what caused my absence of thought tonight?

Was it the four walks I took my dog in today? Where I played tug a war with an eight-month-old puppy who wanted to befriend every dog, cow, and pig we passed today as we walked? Was it my frustration after toiling around the yard today and not feeling that enough progress has been made in my desire to redesign our greenspace? Were the blank halls of thought a side effect of revamping my eBay store and shipping out orders from the weekend? Where was the lack of inspiration coming from? I still don’t know.

Perhaps it is stemming from the change in the air, two major changes are happening this week a new shift for me and a new job for my wife. Both are extremely exciting because they are putting us both closer to where we want to be in our professional careers. Change can be a challenge when there is a lot of motion in a short time, for me this feels like a lot of motion.

Life is a juggling act for most everyone where we are figuring out what is happening, how we want things to happen, and how they actually are happening. Along with a dozen other things tossed into the said juggling act we are often life like a spider in rollerskates, attempting to find our footing as each foot slips out from under us. Life is in constant motion and we know that motion will always be happening around us. Our best option is to join the locomotion and continue doing our thing the best we can.