Have you ever needed a little time to escape? To have peace and quiet, just to disconnect from the world around you and just hear nature? As I mentioned last night I needed that time and space just to reset and breathe. It’s never easy to admit that we might be experiencing a little burnout, that has led to us being a little down for a period of time. I took the past month to escape a little and these are a few things I used to escape.

Reading has always been something I have tried to enjoy and use as an escape. I used a little time each day last month to read a few books, my favorite being “How to Bullsh*t Your Way to Number 1: An Unorthodox Guide To 21st Century Success from the World’s #1 Fake Restaurateur and Paris Fashion Week’s #1 Fake Designer” by Oobah Butler. I have watched his videos online and felt I related to his style and sense of humor. His book was an easy read that helped me better understand how to stop bullsh*tting myself and to start being better at committing to ideas and finding success.

There are indeed times when I have thought that I have great ideas that are destined for success that have fallen flat on their faces because I let the doubts of others around me hold me back. That was something that had been grinding me down over the past months was the voices of others who didn’t see the whole vision I had and believed in. I let their doubts drown out my belief that things would go well on stormy seas.

Walking my dog without headphones in my ears sounds like a silly thing. I don’t really want to get to know my neighbors after all (wink, wink), nor do I want to hear the sounds of birds, horses, cows, and sheep. Just kidding, I love hearing all of those things along with the simple interactions with my neighbors. It’s just easy to plug in and be distant. This past month I just took my headphones out while e walked the dog and that changed things up, I was more connected to real life and all the goodness that is always surrounding me.

It really helped me out with feeling better about my day to day life, disconnect from the digital and live more in the physical. Living here and now can often be a great escape for some and indeed it has been a great escape for me. So take some time and read a book, any book will do. Take the chance on walking without your headphones in your ears and just listen to the present around you and soak up the big moments of today.

Golden Hour.

There are days when we all need a little walk to clear our heads and make sense of a busy world. Today was for me one of those days where I needed a few steps lakeside to calm my mind, get a little sunlight in the golden hour, and talk about assorted topics with my wife. As we walked we crossed a variety of paths each section was a different experience based off what we were walking on. It seemed to me that every time we crossed onto a new section of the walk our experience changed ever so slightly.

At the start of our walk, we passed up a paved pathway for a rockier path that took us through a wetlands area and closer to the lake. As we walked across larger crushed rock our conversation revolved on the heavier things we are experiencing in life, how we are currently being affected by various topics that ranged from our opinions on politics to the annoyance we had with the excessive dog droppings along the trail(Please folks, pick up after your dog.). After we left the rough path we transitioned for a bit onto the sand and our words became more relaxed and flowed more easily toward happier things and topics that reflected quickly after our footing changed.

We eventually made it to the paved path where we passed other ambitious souls looking for relief in the last hour of sunlight for the day. Our conversation gravitated towards mental health and the courage it takes to humble one’s self and seek out professional assistance in the battle for a better quality of life. We expressed our gratitude about those who showed patience and love through the hard days lifting us when we needed a little extra help to see the good in ourselves.

Ten minutes walking on the smooth and solid ground opened a genuine conversation that allowed for openness and trust with each other. Walking lakeside during the golden hour can truly open anyone to a breath of fresh air and honest conversations that we need to hear.