Perception of a hard day.

Each of us perceives the world slightly different from the other, this is what causes our realities to be different. The good things some see in the world could be seen as just okay or not noteworthy by others. Stressful situations for some might be someone else’s comfort zone and so on. The way each of us perceive the world is what makes life unknown in ways because we never know what someone might do or say when experiencing a situation.

We can all admit that there are days when we struggle to see the good in anything. When work sucks, our car sucks, our relationships are bad, or life just isn’t great at that moment. These days happen to everyone and can happen anytime. Sometimes life is just unpredictable. There are a few ways to combat these days when our perception of the world around us is abnormally harsh.

Take a little personal time and write down everything that is poisoning your day. Just write it down, get those terrible feelings out of you as quickly as you can. Writing these things down can be difficult because you may not agree with what you are writing, you might feel torn between how you feel in the moment and how you feel in general. Feeling this way okay, its the process of writing the rough moments on paper that help you think through the reality of life at the time and move forward. Give it a try.

Another great option to help adjust your perspective on a challenging day is to talk it out with a friend while doing some type of activity. Perhaps a walk around your office just to vent, working on a puzzle, playing laser tag, hiking, throwing axes, or boxing could be the best way to talk it out and work the challenges out. I have tried all of the ideas I wrote above and they’ve helped me personally, just tailor your activity to you and see how that works for you.

Dog Bath.

We try weekly to bathe our dog June, there are times we skip a week and there are times when she gets multiple baths. It all depends on how dirty our dog is after playing outside, and how ambitious we are feeling. Today was the day to bathe the beast and help her smell a little better.

Every time we try to trick our dog into jumping into the tub she catches on to what we are doing then tries to evade us at all costs. She runs around the house as if it is a game of tag, with her heart and mind set on avoiding the suds of cleanliness. Once we are able to catch her and talk her into climbing into the tub she sits down in the back of the tub as far away from the showerheads reach as she can.

June hangs her head in defeat while she is bathed and seems to hate every minute of the bath. As soon as we are finished with her bath she shakes twice in the tub, then leaps from the tub and is ready to zoom around the house scattering water wherever she goes. We’ve trained her to run to the living room and roll around on a blanket, which she does with more stoke than a Fin taking a winter swim then dashing back to the sauna. As much as our pup pretends to hate baths she does enjoy the ten minutes after when she rolls around and dries off on the blanket.

The reason I share this story of the weekly dog bath is that many of us are like my dog, we dislike the tasks that will improve our quality of life but are often energetic after we buckle down and do what needs to be done. It’s never easy to dive into a challenge, we have to build ourselves up to the task often playing a little tag till we get there. Yet, once we commit to the idea and just do the thing, we are rewarded with good feelings all around for accomplishing the tasks.


Today I have felt much more tired than I have felt in months, I didn’t sleep well last night. I tossed and turned all night eagerly anticipating my 4:50 am alarm wanting to be sure I was up on time to make work by 6:00 am. Usually, before I fall to sleep I tell myself three times to wake up before my first alarm then drift to sleep. Last night was the same routine as usual until 1:30 am.

Around 1:30 am I woke up and thought I was an hour late for work, jumped out of bed and began my morning routine getting ready for the day. I was up for about five minutes before looking at my phone more clearly and realized it was still three hours left to sleep then jumped back into bed for a few more hours of needed sleep. I then woke up every forty-five minutes until my alarm reminded me to wake up for the day at 4:50 am. Off to work, I went, groggy but ready for the day.

Once I was at work working everything seemed fine I was ready to work to accomplish tasks efficiently and effectively.  Things went smoothly until around noon then I hit a wall and my mind was ready to sleep. I was able to push through my shift without much change to my work aside from a few extra yawns and stretches to stay awake.

Due to being as tired as I was I felt disconnected from my usual self and uninterested in my regular interests. It was a strange day where I almost felt like I was watching myself from the sidelines. I see that I need to be better relaxed before bed and sleep better to ensure that days like this don’t happen as often in the future. New goal, sleep better and sleep an extra hour so that I get up to 6 hours of sleep a night.


Life is filled with adjustments, adjusting the seat on your car, the temperature in your house, the holes in your belt, and many more. Adjusting is something we simply have to do. Making these adjustments can be a real challenge as we adapt to the change around us. Becoming comfortable with adjustments can take some time but once we find our flow we are good to go.

Recently at work, there have been a few adjustments that have raised a red flag at many of my colleagues. The changes have annoyed and upset so many because we have been a department that has worked in a specialized area for so long and some feel that specialization is being overlooked and their skillset downplayed. It’s hard to see these changes made and so many people struggle with the new adjustments.

We know that these changes could be a defining change for our company. That applying our catalog of skills could benefit the business and be a catalyst for new growth at our place of work. What we often fail to see is the bigger picture that others see for the overall growth opportunity for the firm. Any business that expects to grow has to make these changes from time to time, these adjustments can be painful at first but if implemented and actioned correctly can spur a net positive growth opportunity.

Employee satisfaction is a great asset to any company, companies often understand that changes can affect employee satisfaction. These changes that companies change can often change an employees outlook on how they view their position at work. Employees need to be better at seeing the bigger picture that their employer has, and being understanding that changes that are made and designed to build a bigger better company.

Random thoughts on adjusting to change as an employee and why an employer adjusts positions and responsibilities to spur new growth.


Daily we decide where to invest our time. Perhaps you spend many hours at work, a few hours at the gym, a bit with friends, working on hobbies, or some time alone. Each of us has a day that is broken up between twenty-four hours, between the hours of sunshine and darkness. We choose where to put ourselves during these hours and who we will invest our time with and the activities we pursue.

Many of us are required to work to cover our day to day expenses or the cost of living. The hours we spend at work are what we choose to make of them, you might have a job that some look down at but it might be the right fit for you. Each of us can be happy at what we do each day, even if it isn’t our life passion we can still show up with a good attitude and a willingness to accomplish our tasks. This makes our hours spent working less of a drag on our personal lives, and us less of a negative well for others to feed off in their own struggles with life. Recognize that a good attitude will bring about better opportunities and better days.

Time spent with other people can make or break our days. We have routines that are built around the lives of others, we might look forward to seeing someone at work, after work, when we get home, or tomorrow at 11 am sharp for brunch. These plans with others can increase our overall life satisfaction and help us to find a better way of living. Lives are better when we have others to support and those who can support us. Friendships allow for happiness, sadness, misunderstandings, and collaborations. Life with others can test us, break us, and build us into better folk who can be better friends when the occasion arises.

Wherever you should decide to spend your time do so wisely. Invest in real opportunities building better experiences for yourself and others. Find yourself being the best friend you can be to others but most of all be a friend to yourself.