Summiting Timp: First thought to first steps.

My friend messaged me asking what my plan was for Monday because it had been far too long since we had been on an adventure. I looked at the day ahead and having nothing on the calendar besides time with my dog and dinner with my wife after she was finished at work I gladly accepted the invitation to get out on an adventure and start the week out right. 

We talked through a couple of ideas such as hiking with our dofs to the granddaddy lakes region in the High Uintas, heading to the summit of Ben Lomond Peak, or hiking around the Mount Timpanogos Wilderness and possibly summiting the peak. We settled on hiking Timpanogos as it was the closest option and the least amount of driving, agreeing to meet at 6:30 am the following morning and set out for a day of hiking, beautiful views and conversation. 

Although I was looking forward to the day ahead I was uncertain about my ability to gracefully climb the 4,390 feet to the summit as I have not been as active this year as I have been in past years. I have summited this mountain twice before and both times I was in better shape physically and probably a little more mentally strong as far as hiking in high elevations goes. I committed myself to a day of fun on the mountain and accepted that there would be a struggle as I went but one that I needed and looked forward to. 

As I prepared myself the next morning for the climb I casually stashed 4 liters of water for my dog and I along with two energy bars for me and variety of snacks and food for my four legged friend. My thought was to pack for a climb that could be classified as light and fast but still carry the needed gear in case of unexpected weather I added a waterproof windbreaker and a merino wool sweater for just in case. 

My friend arrived shortly before 6:30 am and our adventure of the day began as two climbers and their adventure pups were bound for the wilderness and possibly summit of Mount Timpanogos in the Wasatch range. 

Part 1 of 4


Mediocre is defined as, of only moderate quality; not very good.

This is something I feel about myself more often than I’d like to admit when it comes to my ability to follow through with some projects. This project in particular is something I have felt the most mediocre about in a very long time. I kind of just put the project in park in my garage and haven’t taken it for a spin all summer. 

Is that something that I had intended to do? Not exactly, I started two podcasts this summer, interviewed a few dozen people, attended the eBay open, and read a few cookbooks all while spending time with my wife and dog. I thought I was keeping busy enough the thought of this project would fade away until life slowed down and I was ready to start writing a little bit more again. I was completely mistaken about the possibility to let this project slide. 

I had created an instagram page as a way to promote my project and each time I signed onto my personal instagram account I was met with a reminder of a personal promise I was failing to keep to myself. To put it simply just the social media account on it’s own could have driven me to feel guilty, but that wasn’t all I had created as a commitment to myself that I would write three hundred words a day. I had set reminders on my calendar to go off weekly as a reminder to see if my grammar was improving and to check the weekly analytics to see if people were reading my thoughts. It has been a constant reminder that I have been letting myself slip away from my goal, to become a better writer this year. 

I’ve said this before on this project and blog that I want to do better. For the rest of the year I want to be a little less mediocre in completing a simple task that should take me fifteen minutes or less to complete. 

So here’s to starting this project back up, and to being a little mess mediocre at following through on my promises to myself.


What do you see when you look into your future? Happiness, adventure, mastering new skills, visiting new places, or financial success? Any of these sound great to me personally, some of them I see for myself and have a plan of action to reach them one day. No matter what aspirations you have to remember to keep your eyes on the prize and turn your thoughts into action.

I’ve been thinking about this heaps lately as I have started to ramp up my small business and start seeing the results I have envisioned for so long.  I’ve finally realized It requires more than just an idea and some skills that I rarely use. It’s required extreme focus as I’ve worked to create various listings including taking great photos that will attract the eye. It’s a challenge to keep believing that sales will come if I put in the work, and it has begun to happen.

Sales have started to trickle in little by little and reviews are making a difference for future sales. I am excited to start working harder towards my goal of having over 1,000 listings to sell online. It feels very rewarding seeing everything take shape and this is only the beginning of the marathon I hope to run in my various business ventures.

I’ve known what I wanted for some time, it’s just taken me many small steps to find my stride and get going in the right direction towards the goals I’ve envisioned myself reaching for. The steps before these have been prepping me for the steps ahead. I do not know what the future has in store as I set out but I expect there to be challenges and I welcome them to the race. Hope those challenges can keep up the pace or better yet stay in stride for a few steps then fall behind.

I know what I want and I have a vision, lets go!


Relationships are just like a game of catch. They require interaction, cooperation, and a mutual understanding of where the “ball” needs to go. I’m not just talking about relationships between couples either, I’m talking about various types of friendships that require a little give and take at times, a few hard times, and a little forgiveness. Relationships vary between people, but the sentiment is the same we trust those who we have relationships with.

When people play catch there is plenty of back and forth between the participants at play. Each person involved needs to maintain awareness of what is coming their way and also be aware of what they are tossing out. Having knowledge about how far someone can throw and their catching abilities is key in knowing the pace at which the game of catch can be played. Yes, this is a metaphor, knowing your partner or friend is necessary for knowing what information your partner can take in at a given time and what their emotional state might be at any given time. What you know or don’t know can help or hurt your relationship, be attentive and aware of where you both stand.

In any game of catch, an effort is required by both parties playing. One person needs to be on target as they throw and the other needs to be aware of what is coming their way as they prepare to catch what is being sent their way. The effort needed by all parties involved in making the game enjoyable, successful, and continuous as long as both players stay involved and invested in the time together. When you are in any relationship or friendship put in the work, keep the ball moving, and your interest in the relationship at hand.

A game of catch played by at least two people working together to toss a ball back and forth.

Two players who are aware of the other person, their needs, abilities, and interests as they work together to catch and continue with whatever comes their way. People can drop the ball at times and adjustments are made to ensure the game is to go on if both parties are willing to continue. Be invested as you play and learn from one another as you go.


I think more people than me have experienced a moment when you are talking with someone and they get a confused look on their face then question/comment on the way that you pronounce a word. I happen to know that there are times when I poorly pronounce a few words from time to time. It’s always a funny experience for people when I say a few of these words and they aren’t certain if I am joking or if that is really how I speak.

One of the funniest words that I mispronounce is usually Popeyes. Yes, I’m talking about the chicken joint. I have surprised dozens of friends when I mispronounce Popeyes for Pope- eyes and for some reason, I am constantly relearning how to correctly pronounce the word then shortly falling back to my incorrect pronunciation of the word. There are times when I am genuinely embarrassed that I fall back to a poorly pronounced word and there are other times that I just don’t care and hope that my friends can forgive me for my poor words.

I think that is a slight metaphor for life at times. We each have weaknesses that we know are there and try to change or adjust to a better practice or way of doing things. There are times when we stand strong and hold to said new idea or habit and there are other times that we attempt the change then fail a few times and decide that reverting back to our previous behavior. There are times when we understand that we are as we are and will be just fine staying as we are. Others often may see our shortcomings yet decide to pursue our friendship and accept us as we are.

Life is a challenge at times, we can mispronounce words or have a few shortcomings but people will work with us if they are true friends and are willing to work with our differences. As we would hopefully do for them as we get to better know them.


The sounds of summer, memories from the best days with friends or on the open road. From love to heartbreak, happiness to depression, and obedience to rebellion. Music can have a major part in the lives of those who will listen for the meaning behind the music, or catch themselves in the moment when the music that is being played. This can happen at any time of day and in any mood, music is always accessible wherever we are.

As teenager music was a major part of my life, it kept me sane in my small town and connected me to others around the world who listened to the same music I did. I was a teenager in the years of myspace when everyone had a profile, with a picture taken with a pixelated camera at a strange angle. There was a profile song/playlist that would autoplay once dial-up internet had finally finished downloading the entire webpage and the only way to silence the sone was to either locate the music widget within the layers of stickers and terrible design or mute your speakers for a few minutes.

The music I found in myspace shaped my teenage years, good years filled with hours of music. I’d never say that all the music was bad, but I’d never say that the music was good either. Now that I’m older I still listen to some music created by those myspace artists, however, my musical tastes have changed, varied, and improved. Music is still an important part of my life, I use it for working out, when I’m driving, or when I’m needing a pick me up on a down day.

Music allows us to escape and heal at times when life is heavy and we need a few minutes of well-written words mixed with relative music that lifts our spirits and makes life a bit better.  


Today I sat down to write and drew a blank at what to write about. My mind shuddered and my thoughts became incoherent strands of incomplete ideas and thoughts. I started glancing at memes, revisiting old ideas, and procrastinating putting thoughts into digital text. Nothing came to mind I drew a blank. I sat here and reviewed my day and wondered what caused my absence of thought tonight?

Was it the four walks I took my dog in today? Where I played tug a war with an eight-month-old puppy who wanted to befriend every dog, cow, and pig we passed today as we walked? Was it my frustration after toiling around the yard today and not feeling that enough progress has been made in my desire to redesign our greenspace? Were the blank halls of thought a side effect of revamping my eBay store and shipping out orders from the weekend? Where was the lack of inspiration coming from? I still don’t know.

Perhaps it is stemming from the change in the air, two major changes are happening this week a new shift for me and a new job for my wife. Both are extremely exciting because they are putting us both closer to where we want to be in our professional careers. Change can be a challenge when there is a lot of motion in a short time, for me this feels like a lot of motion.

Life is a juggling act for most everyone where we are figuring out what is happening, how we want things to happen, and how they actually are happening. Along with a dozen other things tossed into the said juggling act we are often life like a spider in rollerskates, attempting to find our footing as each foot slips out from under us. Life is in constant motion and we know that motion will always be happening around us. Our best option is to join the locomotion and continue doing our thing the best we can.